Friday, September 05, 2008

Ugly Betty In The Make-Over Quest

Snippet 13

As usual, a telenovela was showing on the TV and Ignacio, standing by a wall (obviously hiding), was drinking coffee while he watched. Betty caught him, collected the coffee and forced him to take his pills while telling him that he should take his heart problem seriously. By the time Betty poured milk for him to wash down his pills, he had already washed it down with coffee! His excuse? He had to wash it down with something!

Back to Mode, Bradford went to Wilhelmina’s office to ask if she stayed long at the party to which she answered ‘no’, that someone had to hold the back seat together. She told him that Daniel was trying but that some people were just naturals. She told Bradford not to worry that she had Daniel’s back covered. (What!)

Betty got on the lift carrying a box filled with old editions of Hudson magazine which she had retrieved from the store. Amanda (I think Anaconda is more suitable), remarked that she looked sweaty and asked her why she wasn’t at the party. Betty answered that she couldn’t get in and Amanda in her usual way mocked her and got off the lift.

(While this conversation was going on, there were two ladies standing behind them in the lift who were also finding the whole scenario funny)

Daniel and Betty were in his office talking, having looked through past episodes of Hudson for an idea or lead. Daniel wanted to prove to his father that he was also capable of turning Mode around like Alex did with Hudson.

Wilhelmina was in her office standing before the mirror checking herself out. She was dressed in a white designer suit and wore a purple ribbon on the left Lapel which she explained to Marc that it had to with the breast Cancer 'thing'. Marc told her that he saw something in the conference room which he wanted her to see.

Daniel and Betty were in the conference room brainstorming, noting their observations, searching for that lead that will give them a headway into the quest to ‘make over’ Mode. And, Betty discovered several albums of photographs shot by Vincent Bianci which were used by Alex in Hudson magazine and brought these to Daniel. Daniel told her that Bianci vowed never to work for Mode again because he and Alex had a huge disagreement. Betty innocently asked why Daniel couldn’t use Bianci since he was not Alex and Daniel got all emotional but checked himself just in time.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Marc stood at a distance watching Daniel and Betty while making awful and mocking remarks about Daniel stealing from his dead brother’s work.

Bradford met his private eye in a field on a dark night, to get updates of his investigation. He told Bradford that the Police had brought in Sommers car but he didn’t know where it was kept. Bradford scolded him for taking too long in finding the salvage yard where the car was kept and ordered him to find it quickly.

Wilhelmina visited the mystery woman with champagne and while she poured the wine into glasses, the woman asked her what they were drinking to? Wilhelmina said: “to a father who realized that his son will never replace the one he lost and, to a son who would never measure up no matter how hard he tried. She added that as long as this wedge was between them, the relationship between Bradford and Daniel was doomed. The mystery woman then said that perhaps it was time she drove the wedge even deeper between them by tipping Daniel off as to what his father was capable of.

Daniel and Betty were still in the conference room, worn out from working, empty packets of Sushi were all over the table. Daniel was lying on his back on the conference table while Betty was sitting with her head on the table. He was still talking and when Betty didn’t respond, he stopped. She said after 5 hours of working she couldn’t get anything anymore. Daniel then told her that Alex should be doing this job not him. He told her that since they were kids, his father used to take Alex to the biggest college football games but he never once invited him and that he thought that after Alex’s death he’ll invite him. He told Betty that all fathers favour one sibling above the other and that it may be in a small way but she would see it; Betty disagreed with him though.

The next morning at the Suarez house, Betty was sitting at a table still going through albums, she yawned as if she had not slept at all. Hilda stormed the kitchen yelling for Justin to come down so he could get to school on time. Betty then asked Hilda is she ever felt that their father had a favourite among the two of them and she said yeah in a jiffy, “you” but that she wasn't going to kill anyone over it. Ignacio came into the kitchen and asked why Betty came in late the night before. Betty told him the reason was because her boss was trying to make some changes in the magazine and they had to work longer hours. Her father said they are making her work too hard and that she should ask for a raise. He then looked at the one of the albums with the name Vincent Bianci on it and told Betty that he knew the kid and that he grew up just four blocks away! Betty couldn’t believe her ears. Her father also told her he even went to the same school with her. With this information, Betty quickly packed the albums and left for work.

She got to her desk and placed a call to Bianci. Fortunately for her he picked the phone himself, referred her to his agent and was about getting off the phone but she quickly told him that he went to the same school with her and even grew up in the same neighbourhood; this pricked his interest. They chit-chatted about school and the famous hero sandwich shop which was the favourite of students then and he was sort of, getting to like the person on the phone. She then told him that the magazine she worked with wanted him to work with them but as soon as she mentioned Daniel Meade, he cut her off the phone.

Wilhelmina was busy preparing for her meeting with a senator. She gave Marc instructions in preparation for the important occasion.

After work, Betty went to Sal’s Dell, the famous Hero sandwiches shop to satiate her appetite which was activated by her discussion with Bianci.

Bradford Meade received a phone call from his private eye informing him about the Salvage Yard where Sommers car was kept and told him he sent him an e-present which Bradford had already opened on his laptop – an online bid for Sommers car with the minimum set at $10,000, to be sold to the highest bidder.

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