Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Snippet 32 - Ugly Betty's Father A Murderer?

“I am your mother” stated Wilhelmina. “Mother? then maybe you should act like it” replied Nico. She continued with her onslaught, “But I guess you don’t have a clue where to start”. “I mean, have you ever even called the Senator Dad? Never huh? Is that armour so thick that you can’t even feel anything anymore? Was that the goal? (She was almost crying now), “Then congratulation. You are putting together your Must Mode Issue and things you Must do. You know what MUST should be? Learning how to be a mother! And, she walked away leaving Wilhelmina looking disgruntled and standing there alone while the remaining spectators who had been listening averted their eyes (including Daniel, Amanda & Betty) as she looked around until Marc came to her rescue and walked her back inside the building.

Betty places the cheque on Wilhelmina’s table as she walked in. Betty told her that she appreciated her kindness but that she could not cash the cheque. Wilhelmina wished Betty luck in her family’s situation, telling her that family problems were never easy. As Betty was walking out (Wilhelmina tore the cheque), Nico came in. She said she wanted to say goodbye (I think she was still trying to reach out to her mother) but Wilhelmina, still smarting from Nico’s earlier display, told her she had already said enough downstairs. She added that her flight to Paris was leaving that night. Nico said she’ll go to the apartment to pack her things. Her mum stopped her in her tracks with “Nico, contrary to what you think, I still do love you and I only want what’s best for you”. Defiant Nico’s reply was “you want what’s best for you” and left.

Amanda walked into Daniel’s office and confessed to him (trying to rein-in her tears) that it was at her apartment that he forgot his watch. She told him that he should find whatever he was looking for because she finally realized that it wasn’t her. Daniel opened his mouth in shock and stood up to apologize to her but she just turned and cat-walked away!

Bradford and his private eye met in an alley at night (as usual). The guy told him that he couldn’t have seen Fey because she was dead but Bradford wouldn’t be convinced insisting that he saw what he saw. The guy was obviously tired of the way Bradford was pestering him about confirming Fey’s death. He told Bradford that he had gone crazy and walked away. Bradford, while still standing in the alley, made a phone call to someone (who he had obvious discussed with before) about getting rid of the private eye.

Wilhelmina returned home to a dark, lonely house. She retrieved the box of Nico’s Captain Crisp that she had earlier thrown in the bin, sat at the dinning and began eating it with her fingers. She face showed a picture of mixed emotions that were running through her – loneliness, sadness, and e.t.c.

At the Suarez house, Hilda and Ignacio were cooking when Betty walked in soberly and apologized to her father for the way she lashed out at him the day before. She told him that she forgave him for whatever it was that he didn’t want tell them. Hilda watched with a smile on her face as they hugged. Ignacio then opened up to his daughters. He told them that the man in the picture was married to their mother and he worked with him as a chef. He fell in love with their mother and she eventually she noticed and reciprocated. Betty told him that if it was hard for him, he should stop. But, her father said he could no longer keep it from them, that they need to know the truth. He continued his narration; that on a particular day, his boss was beating his wife as he usually does and he could not help but defended her. The man pulled out a knife and he totally lost it, hitting him again and again. They had to run away and never looked back. He made them realize that he never applied for green card or Amnesty because he entered America illegally was afraid he’ll be sent back to Mexico, which meant facing jail term for killing the man.

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