Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Heart Is Yours - Mi Corazón Es tuyo

Our famous actress Silvia Navarro debuts again in MY HEART IS YOURS - Mi Corazón Es tuyo on STARTIMES cable tv from November 6th 2015, and hear this: it is 176 episodes... 29 weeks about 7 months... Wow!

Its a weekend delight 3 days Friday-Sunday 6-8pm on Novela E1 Channel 053.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the love story: 
"Fernando Lascurain is a wealthy businessman and recent widower, attempting to raise his seven unruly children. He seeks the assistance of a new nanny. He hires and falls in love with Ana Leal, a struggling exotic dancer who tries to hide her double life. Although Ana lacks experience and a refined education, she quickly bonds with the Lascurain children. Ana dreams of being a mother, but when her home is destroyed following an accident, she must borrow money from her ruthless boss at "Chicago", the night club where she is secretly employed. When Fernando simultaneously falls for Ana and Isabela, an economist and sophisticated woman who is trained by her mother to marry a millionaire, he must choose between both women."

This novela promises to be a great entertainment till June 2016. So, Let's go!!!

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