Sunday, August 27, 2006

Episode 3: If Our Path Crosses Again, Then, Its Pay-Back Time- (1)

This telenovela began rather too early to recompense the evil doers- Consuela Elcantara, Luis Alexandro, Don Fernando Elcantara.

Luis Alexandro hit Luisa Fernanda while driving on high speed and she was taken to the hospital where Dr. Carlos Eduardo Gomez attended to her. Neither of them (biological father and daughter) knew that they were blood relatives. Carlos' best friend, Augusto, a fresh graduate attorney suggested that Luisa should file a suit in court for injury and damages against Luis Alexandro, so that the court can make him to pay her...this was a fertile idea that both Liusa and her best friend Vanessa agreed to, even though her injury was minor. They thought that the compensatory money would be enough to finance Luisa Fernanda's trip with the rich girls for their graduating class crise to the carribeans.

Consuela was conscripted by her father, into a 'marriage of convinience' with a rich man whom she does not love and after 18 years of marriage, the marriage has been fruitless, as Consuela was certified barren. Thank God, the man already had a daughter (Vanessa), by another woman before he married Consuela. what a harvest of the evil she had sown by scheming her elder sister Amelia, out of her heritage from their father.

Don Fernanda Elcantara became worried and anxious at old age of not having any grand-child to inherit his great fortune. He asked Consuela if it is still possible for her to have a child. She replied her father harshly, that he should not remind her of her impossible case and thereby insulting her. She said that her husband is happy with her in her condition. Don Fernanda kept quiet and with a sad countenance...secretly must have been regreting sending Amelia with his grand-child out of his life some 18 years ago.

Consuela accidentally met with Luis Alexandro at a fast-food restaurant where they exchanged greetings and addresses. When Alexandro asked after Amelia and what became of the prgnancy, Consuela lied by telling him that Amelia aborted the pregnancy.

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