Sunday, August 27, 2006

Week 1: Weekend Review of The Gardener's Daughter

Wow, 3 episodes from wednesday 23rd August till date. Get ready for excitements and disappointments. Be reminded that we have 177 episodes to go. that translates to about 36 weeks or approximately nine months. Barring hitches, like major world sports fiesta like the FIFA world cup or Afrcan Nations Cup, this telenovela should end with the month of May 2007. God willing, Nigeria should also be changing baton of political leadership by that period too, to a newly elected officers of state from the Presidency down to the local government levels.

Ghana started airing the Gardener's daughter, lahija del Jardinero some 5 weeks ago they should be in episode 25 to 30 by now. anybody with Ghanaian friends could easily get the summaries of 1 to 30 from their friends if you want. Our Blog has been bombarded by Ghanaians, Kenyans, and Malaysians. visitors from these countries have landed on our pages from the search engines, particularly Google Search Engine 'The giant we love', like my hubby would normally say.

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