Monday, August 28, 2006

Episode 4: If Our Path Crosses Again, Then, Its Pay-Back Time- 2

It appears that the law of karma has begun to catch up with every wrong-doer in this telenovela, so early, (we are just in episode 4 out of 180!). Last episode, it was Consuela's reaping of barreness; Alexandro also got into trouble for running over Luisa Fernanda with his car, this time it is Don Elcantara who was almost choked up to death with smoke in an elevator, after his meeting with Alexandro in the lawyer's office.

Marissa begun a desperate but futile lobby for the reconciliation of Luis Alexandro and her son Carlos Eduardo, by elisting the support of Rosario, the old house keeper, who nursed Carlos from infancy to adulthood and also the alliance of Jennifer his fiance.

Since Don Elcantara seemed confused and unconvinced to sell the family house at Hacienda, Consuela persuaded him to follow her to meet with 'one of the best lawyers' in the country for proper advise. This lawyer happens to be Luis Alexandro. Don Elcantara was reassured by Alexandro that he would get in touch with the Constrution company (the buyers) to ascertain the true cost and determine if their offer was right and best. The old man left but Consuela refused to follow him back lying that she wants to go visit another friend of hers. The truth however was that she waited behind to chat up with Alexandro to see if she could catch up or rekindle on her old love for him.

When Alexandro asked her again about what became of Amelia's pregnancy, she re-affirmed her wicked deception of episode 3 that Amelia aborted the pregnancy. Alexandro concealed his disappointment. Consuela blamed him for 'dumping' her for Amelia two decades ago, but Alexandro replied that what he had for her then was 'puppy love' and that it was Amelia whom he really loved, but for the 'untimely' pregnancy which almost distrupt his academic career.

Amelia and Pedro had a disagreement: while Pedro wants Luisa to go on the graduating class cruise organised by the childrenof rich families, even if she had to be sponsored by her rich best friend- Vanessa. Amelia was opposed to it for dignity sake.

Luis Alexandro asked his secretary to call again the house of Luisa Fernanda, this time it was Amelia that picked the phone and was astonished and breathless to hear that her ex lover that jilted her Luis Alexandro would like to speak to her about her daughter Luisa Fernanda. At this point, her thoughts went wild, thinking that the man is now ready to reconcile with her and accept the responsibilty of true fatherhood of Luisa Fernanda. She harsly commanded Pedro to leave the palour because the call is a discrete and doesn't want him to hear it. Iiut was Pedro's turn to be shocked- to be ordered out of his own house because of a discreet call? In the 18 years of their hopeless and fruitless 'arrangee-marriage' this is the first time his 'wife' Amelia would be recieveing secret phone calls. he foolishly obeyed her and went out without even eavesdropping.

The call actually turned out to be an exposee of the accident and suit filed by Luisa against Luis Alexandro. Her heart was beating rapidly and just before the call was transfered to Alexandro she cut the phone for fear of what to say and not wanting Alexandro to discovere her identity. she went straight to Luisa school only find out that the teacher had not seen her in class since the day started. This infuriated her the more and she later went to accuse Pedro for spoiling Luisa.

Vanessa' Dad who happens to be the husband of Consuela visted the school to see his daughter, it was a great opportunity for presentation of the trip and Luisa's case. The man agreed to sponsor Luisa.

Luisa Fernana
got frightened and desperate because of phonecall to her house by Luis Alexandro's secretary last episode. She didn't want to let her parents to know about the scam she and vanessa were planning to get money out of Alexandro for the cruise, using the car accident as excuse. So she collected the address of the Physician- Dr. Carlos Eduardo Gomez from Vanessa, and went srtaight to his house to plead with him to ask his 'father' -Luis Alexandro to forget the case and not to call her phone number again. While they were still talking in Carlos's car, Jennifer, Carlos' fiancee appeared and she immediately became jealous with suspicion that carlos is having an affair withis young school girl Luisa Fernanda.

Carlos was captivated and facinated with the supersonic beauty, confidence and the impeccable intelligence of this young school girl- Luisa Fernanda Perez and had uncosciously fallen in love with her. He carried her in his car to school and met Vanessa there too.

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