Friday, September 15, 2006

American Embassy Featured The Gardener's Daughter

The United States Embassy has featured our website on The Gardener's Daughter on her fast growing website in the European Repuplic of Moldova. It was among the news items concerning Nigeria published on her website yesterday from her blogsearch.

Eastern Europe has been a big receptor of Mexican and Latin telenovelas in the last one decade. Such popular soaps like Cassandra, Los Ricos Tambien Lloren, Escrava Isauara, Muneca Brava, Celeste, Cara Sucia, Topacio, Esmeralda, Simplemente Maria etc. there are legendary stories of how many of these nations were grounded to a stand-still for one hour during the airing of these television soaps.

We appreciate both Digg and the U.S. Embassy for promoting our Gardener's Daughter Blogspot site among Nigerians abroad and Latin soap opera fans world over.

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