Friday, September 15, 2006

Episode 18: The Ugly Fangs of Blackmail

They call her the most classy, georgeous and glamorous lady in town. Marissa, the Empress of the Metropolitan Bank empire even made us to know in tonite's show of shame that, Jennifer de la Vega was the former Miss Universe. With all that high and impeccable profile of a beautiful lady, she could not resist the plunge into the polluted and dirty rivers of emotional blackmail of Luis Alejandro Montero- Marissa's husband. She threw virtue and caution to the winds in desperate bid, seeking to destroy her perceived rival and young innocent school girl- Luisa Fernanda Perez, the girlfriend of Carlos.

What an explosive confrontational note that tonite's episode ended. It was the climax of the whole week of cupid clashes, terrific seductions and high profile infidelities. Consuela had her share when she almost caught her husband in the arms of his secretary cum mistress- Virginia. Having found a string of contraditions that pointed to the truth that her hubby- Heriberto Sotomayor, is having an extra-marital affairs, calling him a big fat LIAR, she sought for divorce. This jolted Heriberto, and next week would reveal what becomes of this scheming phony couple.

Vanessa too had her share. Though she pounced on Carlos with kisses and nipple-touch, Carlos made her realise that he was not moved nor aroused by her advances. He assured her, with all soberity saying: "...I'm sorry to inform you that we would never be together". She was emotionally crushed and devastated, she staggered out of Carlos' office like a punch-drunk boxer, with tears and pains that cannot be assuaged easily.

Augusto Prieto had his share too. Vanessa poured the venom of her overwhelming pain on him at the gate of the hospital. She trashed him with her cold tongue for deceiving her and making her a huge joke with his pre-meditated lies that Carlos was in love with her.

Irrepressible and aggressive Amelia had her share of confrontations too. She met more than her match in elegant Marissa. Marissa told her to clean up and "tunsh" up from her rags to match the status and standard befitting her office. She even told Lic Ordonez to pay her salary in advance, so she could have money to buy decent corporate wears that befits her new status. Amelia blushed with shame on hearing this.

Still talking about Amelia, Oooh, she was tempted by fate, a temptation too powerful to resist, thank God she overcame the first phase. After she discovered that the husband of her boss is Luis Alejandro, her emotions bursted at the seams, she ran out to meet Lupe, her friend, begging her to make the call on her behalf. She could't bear to hear the voice of L.A, the man who jilted her 18 years ago, and did not even recognise her again today. With emotional pains wracking her body and with a trembling voice, she said: "...It can't be! I find it so hard to believe that I am employed by a woman who took the love of my life from me, 18 years ago. So this is the woman Luis Alejandro Montero left me for 18 years ago? Before she fires me, I would resign now"

It took the wise counsel of Lupe, to prevail on her not to throw her opportunity and destiny away with this humiliation waters. Lupe made her to see reason that this obvious and inescapable misfortune, can be converted to strength, if she stayed behind to monitor and put L.A under obscured observation from her vantage position as the Personal Assistant to Marissa, per chance this would give her opportunity to fill the gaps, and really know the true character of Luis Alejandro Montero. She agreed and calm down.

Pedro had his own share of the confrontations too when Marissa stormed him with questions of "Is it true that your daughter is going out with my son?" Pedro declared the truth and even told her that: "... I was scared when I first heard, but your son told me that you harbour no prejudice against such relationship." Marissa's eyes were red with indignatioin, she replied: " son told you that?" She stormed out of Pedro's presence to confront Carlos in his room.

Marissa challenged Carlos with the million-Dollar question: " can you replace Jennifer, a classy former Miss Universe and beautiful lady with a gardener's daughter?...she is not your class and can't match your class". At this junture, old sage Rosario called Marissa aside and injected her with the 'syringe of eternal and home truths', saying: "...mam, you are confronting something that is beyond social class, love is a strong feeling that has no respect for class,...have you forgotten so soon, when you fell in love with a young man who was not in your age bracket and class, some 18 years ago? You fought everybody to marry Luis Alejandro, would you stop your son from loving whom he has strong feelings of love for?"

"Jennifer de la Cunning" exhibited the serpentine flair in her by luring her friend, confidant and Assistant- Andreina into disclosing who her real boyfriend is. Adreina extracted a promise from Jenny that she would not disclose the info to anybody ever. Jenny concured, but that same day, she went to L.A.'s office soliciting his support for a joint destruction of the schoolgirl whom she lost her fiance to. When L.A. told her that there is no common ground for the joint action, because her reasons were different from his, this beautiful 'lady of class' bore her ugly fang of blackmail by threatening L.A. with exposure of his sordid relationship with Andreina, to his wife- Marissa. L.A. was paralysed with shock at this disclosure and threat. Next week would unfold how he copes with this 'stab in the back'.

Don visited L.A again to urge him to persist in finding out his daughter Amelia, and grand daughter. When L.A. asked for a photograph that would help the investigators on this Mexican trail, Don regretfully told him that there is no single picture of Amelia at home to lay hold of, REASON: he had destroyed every trace of Amelia in his life 18 years ago, in a fit of unbriddled anger!

Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo came together in a love garden and they shared their encounters of the day. Luisa told him that someone named jennifer came to look for her in school but did not meet her. he too told her of the Vanessa debacle in the hospital that morning. Luisa concluded with her feelings saying "...You are the only happiness I have now."

Amelia came home to meet Augusto Prieto and Pedro, as she challenged Augusto again, Pedro told her that he is his divorce lawyer. After much enquiry and clarifications, Augusto told them both that since there is no case of acrimony between them, unlike many other enstranged couple, the settlement would would be fast and the marriage would dissolve in about 6 months after all the paper works, then the divorce certificate would be issued by the court.

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