Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Episode 16: The Break Up

At last, Carlos found his 'liver' to muster courage to tell Jennifer de la Vega that "...there is another, we have to break up". You may not realise it yet at this early episodes the virtuous nobility in Marissa Gomez Ruiz. Many mothers would have stubbornly and blindly so, insisted that their son MUST marry one society lady whom the son does not love. Marissa stood by and encouraged Carlos to be upright on the side of verity in his love relationships. That was the final push that made him to face Jenny with the bad news of relationship break up.

My problem with Jealous Jennifer is that she is the utterly selfish type. She was so full of pity-party for herself that she cared less about others. Andreina, seems to me to be a woman of strong character. She too just suffered a love heart-break with Luis Alejandro, but she had enough moral strength to support and comfort Jenny, without burdening others, like a little baby about her own emotional pain.

It was a bad day for Luis Alejandro, Andreina walked in right when Consuela was forcing her mouth on him. In astonishment and anger, Andreina asked the million Dollar question: "Who is this woman you are kissing?" When, ruffled L.A replied that she was a client and Consuela echoed him, Andreina launched out and pounced on her, calling her unprintable names like "a shameless whore...", she raelly wanted to beat Consuela up but for the quick rescue by L.A. and escape by Consuela.

That incident was enough for the evil and crafty mind of Consuela to know that Andreina was L.A.'s mistress and she began another journey , ....I am sure, into blackmail of L.A. to have him love her, subsequent episodes would showcase this trend.

Vanessa went hay-wire when Carlos confronted her that he never loved her, and that was a story made-up by Augusto in order to go out with Luisa. Carlos told her that she had believed in a lie and that his real and true love IS "L..." enoughhh, Vanessa ran out with another round of tears, she could't bear the full confession of Carlos. Perhaps, if she had waited some few more seconds, she would have known that LUISA FERNANDA is the real love of Carlos' life. Because Vanessa ran away, I suspect that the series of episodes coming would bear the mark of mistaken identity, whereby a vengeful Jennifer would seek to 'tear-to-pieces' an infatuated Vanessa, for the love of Carlos. This thriller telenovela is just starting to explode, the real facsination is just begining.

Vannessa later told Luisa with all soberity that, she would seduce Carlos and would wear skimpy dresses, even if the price is to go to bed with him, afterall no man can resist a real woman...she said, it is time to play the game of real women with Carlos. Luisa was scared stiff with this new and desperate venture of Vanessa. She was uncomfortable with the planned cupid assault of Vanessa on her only love- Carlos.

Luis Alejandro received the report from the Detective that, Amelia and Pedro Perez never entered the United States, and could not be found among the migrant population of San Antonio in Texas. L.A came to Don's house to brief him of the conclusion of the investigation. Don was not satisfied and insisted that he should continue the investigation in Mexico, if they are not in the U.S. After the old man went upstairs, L.A. accused Consuela of deceiving her father and why not tell him the truth that he doesnt have any grand daughter, so that he would not waste money on mexican investigation, he angrily left the house, but old Rigo eavesdropped and heard all what transpired.

Next day, She dressed up and went straight to L.A.'s office. L.A. mistook Rigoberto's visit for apology for what she did to him the other day at the dinner in Don's house. The old woman said "No, I have no apology to give, what brought me is different". Her purpose was to come and puncture the balloon of lies that Consuela is using to confuse investigation. She refused the offer of a seat by L.A. She confronted L.A. with the truth, saying, "...That young woman (meaning, Amelia's daughter, whom Consuela said never exist), still exist ...and you know very well that she is your daughter!" L.A. was astonished, and his mouth was hung open with suprise at the old righteous maid's disclosure.

Like any gambler that loses at the gaming table, Jennifer got herself into a drinking spree until she got into a drunken stupor. She vowed vengeance...saying "...I will get my revenge on Carlos". She mandated Andreina to find out who the school girl is, that stole Carlos' heart and promised the young girl would regret ever getting to cross her path!

Amelia started work and was introduced to her new boss- Marissa Gomez Ruiz. Her duties was to document the Bank's president's correspondences and to keep the diary of appointments for the Bank's president. Lic. Ordóñez, Marissa's Attorney appears to be emotionally interested in Amelia, and he has honned his strategy to win her love. After he took her to the restaurant downstairs to 'celebrate' her new job, he invited her for a late night dinner, to which Amelia turned down, perhaps it was too early. He still drove Amelia home in his car.

Like I suspected before, Amelia is about to collide with destiny's opportunity. Would she grab it to rebuild her life? or would she despise the chance and the change by hanging on to a dead past? the next few episodes would tell.

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