Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy 28th Birthday To "Paloma"

Today is "Paloma's" Birthday. We consider it a priviledge to share this with our numerous subscribers and readers and also rejoice with her on this her great day. Silvia Navarro, (real name) has been a screen prodigy since infanthood. Her acting career has brought joy and indoor entertainment and fulfilment to many families and homes in Nigeria and across many nations on the telenovela map.
Her positive roles in soaps like "Cuando Seas Mia"- (When You Are Mine) has been a source of inspiration for true lovers the world over. It is a joy too to learn that she is actually married to Sergio Basanez "Diego", whom she shared major roles in 3 other Mexican Soaps.

My 2+ year-old daughter Glory, adores "Poyoma" as she fondly calls her. If you ask her to go to bed before 9 p.m. every nite she would object for one singlar reason: "I want to watch "Poyoma". And there is nothing anybody could do to get her to sleep before 9. p.m. That is the extent to which "Poyoma" has positively influenced a whole generation of youth with love, dedication and devotion world over.

To Silvia Navarro, I say with love, on behalf of our teeming readers and subscribers Happy 28th birthday anniversary, our "Gardener's family" on this site and my biological family rejoices with you and Sergio basanez "Diego" on this day.

Hip Hip Hip Hurahhhh!

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graciela said...

im Elna sophola from seychelles.
i wanna to says that i really love
mexican actress silvia navarro in the telenovela cuando seas best in the telenovela is mexican actor sergio basanez.she and sergio basanez
are doing a great job in the wish silvia navarro and sergio basanez all thebest