Thursday, September 14, 2006

Episode 17: "That Girl Is Going To Show Up"

Tonite's episode was a classic of multiple confrontations.
Rigoberto vs. Luis Alejandro
Consuela vs. Heriberto
Rigoberto vs. Consuela
Jennifer vs. Vanessa
Amelia vs. Carlos/Augusto
Luisa Fernanda vs. Augusto
Vanessa vs. Luisa Fernanda
and guess who's next?... Amelia vs. Reality

Old Rigo takes my vote for this telenovela episode tonite. She acted with alacrity and discretion in, according to her, "...destroying the web of lies" that Consuela told Luis Alejandro, about Amelia having an abortion and the "non-existent" lies of Consuela about Amelia's daughter. With passion, courage and effontry, the old woman forced the mighty Luis Alejandro to admit his 'crime' of jilting Amelia and his crass 18-year irresponsibility. The old maid assured him after his repentance that she would not tell Don of this crime but he must sure find Amelia and her daughter out.

This seemingly unimportant woman may be the only true historical strand that would link and tie up all the loose ends as the drama progresses in this film. So watch out for her messiahnic role as we go on...that is another hunch from me.

Rigoberto came back home to confront Consuela to stop her evil lies and schemes. As Consuela was angrily challenging Rigo to stop nosing around and maintain the present delicate balance. The old maid waxed philosophical and prophetic saying: "That girl is going to show up, no matter what you and I do to stop it, and when she shows up, nothing would stop her from knowing that Luis Alejandro Montero is her real father; not only that, she would also know that she is the heiress of the fortune belonging to your father". Consuela was defeated with such powerful revelations but her evil mind must have been racing to find ways of eliminating Rigo and Luisa before this uncomfortable 'prophecy' comes to pass.

Consuela was worried about Don's change of will and she told him so, Don assured her that she would not suffer because her husband is making enough money to take care of her. She however pointed out that suppose heriberto her hubby marries another woman? Don replied that the man is too intelligent to marry another woman because that would mean him losing all the present perks including accomodation which he is currently enjoying. Don said he is too smart a money-monger to let all that go for another woman. Talk of the devil? at that moment of their discussion, Heriberto was truly in bed in an hotel with another woman concubine of his, called Virginia!

When Heriberto came home, after two days of 'romping' with his mistress, Consuela the expert in amorous games knew immidiately that her hubby smells of a cheap woman's perfume. All his lies and excuse did not convince Consuela. What a scheming couple! Two of a kind.

Vanessa, bent on executing her plans to trap Carlos with seduction, still sought the support of Luisa Fernanda to succeed. Luisa told her that it is only women of no dignity who threw themselves at men like that. Vanessa went wild and revealed her true color to Luisa. She 'washed' Luisa with derogratory words saying: "I am Vanessa Sotomayor Williams, you are nobody to tell me that I have no dignity, you are just a common gardener's daughter..." and she walked away... Luisa was hurt and devastated with this 'blow' from her closest friend and benefactor.

Scheming Jennifer made Andreina to call Marissa the following morning to come to her house urgently. The purpose was, of course, to manipulate Marissa to make Carlos to rescind his decision to abandon her for a 'school girl'. The plot failed because, Marissa is a believer and fighter for true love, she doesn't believe in manipulating her son's happiness. After she advised and consoled Jenny to take heart, she told Jenny that she is a beautiful woman and won't lack good men who adore and would want to marry her, she kissed Jennifer goodbye and left for her office. Jenny was mad after Marissa left, she called Marissa a "...stupid old woman" for tacitly supporting Carlos decision.

That morning, Jennifer went with her sister Caroline, to her school with a view to apprehending and harrassing Carlos' 'school girl' lover. As Vanessa approached in the distance, Carol pointed her out as the Carlos Lover. Jennifer pounced on her, calling her the gold-digger who wanted to collect money for fake injury sustained from a minor car accident. Vanessa simply told her that it was mistaken identity and that the person she is looking for is Luisa Fernanda Perez. So she calm down and let Vanessa go.

A nun approached Jenny to ask her whom she is looking for and she replied that it is a girl called Luisa Fernanda Perez. She was told that Luisa may not come to school that day. She promised to check her next time, but not before leaving her name for the nun to pass to Luisa. When Luisa eventually changed her mind to come to school, she was told by the nun about a 'lady of fury' who came looking for her whoose name is Jennifer. The nun also warned Luisa that the lady looked like somebody spoiling for a fight and that Luisa should be careful.

By some planned coincidence Pedro invited his divorce lawyer- Augusto and also Carlos to dinner in his home so they could be aquainted with his 'temperamental' wife. As the guest were sitting down, Amelia arrived from work and she queried the visitation of this two young men. Pedro asked the young men to excuse him and his wife by waiting outside, so he can clear up the matter with his 'gbagbati' wife.

Amelia insisted that it was wrong for the men to visit her house and she angrily overeacted by rushing out to 'disgrace' the young men and sending them packing from her house. She forbade them never to come to her house again. Just before that happened, Augusto, in the presence of Carlos, told Luisa Fernanda that he is madly in love with her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. Luisa empathised with him, but firmly told him that she is already in love with another man, so no show.

Next day at work, Amelia was instructed by her new boss- Marissa to get her husband on phone and transfer the call to her office. Amelia was at a loss, because she didn't know the man's name nor how to get the man's phone number. Odonez came to her rescue, by telling her which diary she would find the man's phone number, and even helped her further by calling the name of the man to her: LUIS ALEJANDRO MONTERO! Amelia froze like a statue, at the mention of that name. I am sure if she could faint for a few seconds, she would have opted for that. Now, faced with the reality of the circumstances of her new job, would she quit? Would she stay, hoping to avoid scandal? Would she confess to Lic Ordonez, her teenage 'fling' with a man, who now turned out to be the husband of her new boss- Marissa, 18 years ago? I am interested in how Amelia would react; Would she embrace reality and opportunity or despise the circumstances and put in her resignation? next episode would tell.

I am also interested in what would be Amelia's reaction, when she finds out that the man she has been hounding and and harassing from following after or loving her daughter, is the son to her boss and heir-apparent to the throne of the banking empire to which she just got a job as office/clerical assistant.

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