Thursday, September 21, 2006

Episode 21: The Saviours Link

Every time a coincidence occurs, don't take it for granted, and don't take it for a free ride. Tonite's episode has supprisingly produced a string of coincidental links that would prove to be the chain of salvation for the victory of the heiress-to-be: Luisa Fernanda Perez. The evil plotters like Consuela, saw this coincidence as a free ride and they did rode on it; but which destination do they think this ride would arrive at?

As Pedro finished his contract and collected his pay from Marissa. The news of Don's heart-attack broke on him, and he reasoned that it must be the same Fernando Alcantara - his former boss and father of Amelia, grand father of his daughter, Luisa Fernanda; so he called Carlos aside to asked after Don's health. Carlos was surprised, because he could not see the link between Pedro-Luisa(his girlfriend) and Don yet.

Augusto walked into Don's house to pay homage and honor his god-mother, Rigoberto. As he was giving Rigo the first fruit of his legal victory over Luis Alejandro, and Rigo querying him where he had won a lottery from, Don Fernando Alcantara staggered down the stairs crying for help as he felt his head was exploding. He slumped and crashed down the staircase. Augusto and Rigo rushed to the rescue of a Don that was already going on a death trip. The rescue team were able to get Don's Personal physician- Dr. Carlos Eduardo Gomez alerted (he was esconded in a kiss with Luisa that moment when his phone rang), and also quickly in Augusto's car, rushed him to the emergency section of Carlos' hospital.

When all search efforts for Amelia and Luisa seem to have been successfully frustrated by Consuela, these inocunous links of a Pedro through Carlos (the personal physician to the 'chief searcher'- Don); and that of an Augusto (personal lawyer to both Amelia/Pedro and 'boyfriend aspirant' to Luisa Fernanda), through Rigoberto, would prove to be vital to the discovery and enthronement of Luisa Fernanda . They would be vital parts to complete the 'Fernandorial' jigsaw puzzle that was shattered at the begining by Consuelito.

What really happened? Why the sudden heart-attack of Don Alcantara? Ask Consuela- the evil architect, who confronted Rigo, chastizing her for suggesting newspaper adverts as an alternative means of searching for Amelia and daughter. Rigo has no time for schemers, she countered and knocked-out Consuelito's aggression, declaring that it is the best option, and why Consela opposed it was because, she does not want her sister, Amelia, to come back home!

Defeated Consuela turned angrily from Rigo and headed for her father's room. She warned Don that she would not allow such adverts to be placed in newspapers because it would ridicle the family's name and reputation. She said she could not stand such public ridicle. She devilishly provoked a high-tempered arguement with Don, knowing fully well that the old man's frail health could not tolerate that. The old man, with grinding teeth, told her off, saying that no public mockery is enough a compesation for the 18-year wilderness which he sent his daughter, Amelia, and his innocent grand daughter. He said he is ready to bear the ridicle (as punishment for his 'sins'), and that the reason for Consuela's opposition is because she doesn't want her sister, Amelia and daughter back to inherit his fortune. This paternal indictment was too much for Consuela, she rose up in anger, lifted up her hand and advanced in a rush upon the old man to strike him...then, she stopped mid-air, just before the blow landed on Don. She declared with satanic anointing that her father would end up consigned into a mad house.

The shock of this evil action by Consuela was what triggered the rising of Don's blood pressure and subsequent collapse. Oooh I wept...even though I am not a Yoruba person, but my husband is. There is this powerful Yoruba song..."Omo to mo ya re looju oo, Oshi yo t'omona pa..." meaning Any child that despised his mother, would pay with a curse of calamitious poverty and death. Oooh, I wept again...Consuela lifted up her hands against her father!!! She actually struck the old man in her mind, she definitely would not escape the harvest of curses for her evil action.

Amelia was in high spirits and she told her friends Lupe and Lic Ordonez that the reason is that her divorce papers are almost ready and she is in celebrating mood for riddance of the Pedro imprisonment. Lic gave her a beautiful earring from his Spanish trip and asked her out to dinner to celebrate the new freedom and happy moments. She came back home late from dinner and tipsy from alcoholic drinks in her veins, like a prodigal wife. When worried Pedro told her how she made him worry by her late coming; she bluntly told him that she is coming from celebrating his riddance saying "...I went to celebrate because, I would be rid of you very soon".

Now that the villains' bomb have been detonated by Jenny, Would it explode? Would somebody appear, to diffuse and stop the tick...,tick...,tick..., of the bomb's timer from exploding? If it explodes, would Carlos escape with minor and repairable injury? or be consumed by the bomb? Would the bomb consume the inglorious partners-in-fraud-and-fabrication: Jennifer de la Cunning and Luis Alejandro Montero?

Meeting in L.A.'s office to review the progress of their evil plot, Jennifer became worried that what would happen if in a few months time, when her tummy does not bulge with real pregnancy? The master schemer, Luis Alejandro told her not to worry, that before that time, she would have been safely married to Carlos Eduardo Gomez and 'a tragic miscarriage' could also be fabricated then.

I have always maintained that Carlos Eduardo Gomez is a conscientious lover, that is, a lover with a conscience, just like 'Diego' of "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine) telenovela TV series. This his 'strength' is what Jennifer and L.A are capitalizing on. When he met with Luisa that afternoon at their usual love garden, the weight of guilt had overwhelming presence on his visage. Luisa cannot but noticed it. She asked him if he was hiding something from her, but he didn't have enough courage to raise or open the subject of Jennifer's "pregnancy" with Luisa Fernanda, at least not tonite .

Susanna, Pedro's occasional lover for the past ten years showed up at the bar where Pancho and Pedro were sipping drinks. She accused Pedro of abandoning her. Pedro denied it, and told her that his divorce is almost perfected. Susanna was happy with the news, saying, she had waited for 10 years for this day to become real, when she would have Pedro, all to herself. Pedro does not seem to be interested in another marriage to Susanna, he voiced his fear that all his properties and money would be used to settle Amelia in the divorce, so there would be nothing left to take care of any woman or another marriage. He stood up after kissing Suzzy, telling her that he cannot afford to bring a beautiful lady as her into suffering in any marriage, that she should go and 'find her level'.


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