Friday, September 22, 2006

Episode 22: A Disappointing Secret That Would Change Your Life

Amelia toys with destiny. Having passed the first test of fate by heeding Lupe's advise not to resign from her new job, after knowing that her new boss, Marissa, was the woman who took away the only love of her life, some 18 years ago-Luis Alejandro Montero. She now takes fate for granted and latched on to a dead past that cannot fetch her victory in the present.

She believed a lie, a lie that emotionally swindled and jilted her 18 years ago, is the same lie she is dreaming about now. Luis Alejandro Montero is a lie, a constant lie that has not changed in 18 years. A prisoner of his own schemes, a parody of trajedy, a walking vanity, empty and lonely because his 'Prison Warder'- Marissa Gomez, has still not deeply trusted him in 18 years of 'imprisonment' called marriage, ...that is the man that Amelia is still dreaming and claiming that she still loves and would ever love.

Even when she knew that Lic Ordonez is making romantic advances at her, she murmured to herself that she does not like him, the only man she loves is Luis Alejandro Montero. The meeting of the board of directors of Metropolitan bank was an oppotunity to push her further and closer to her true destiny, alas! it was 'boycotted' by Amelia who, expectedly was to take note at ther meeting. She took excuse, asked Lupe to stand-in for her, ran away and threw the opportunity baby away with the' dirty bathwater', because of the fear of meeting Alejandro again. This is the full story of a woman that clung to a dead romantic lie called, Luis Alejandro Montero.

Please don't see me as being harsh and judgemental on the character of L.A. A glimpse at his 19-year history that we all know shows that, even when Amelia saw him as her 'Prince Charming', the astute schemer was Tripple-dating Consuela, Amelia and Marissa at the same period in time. L.A. is an emotional hitch-hiker. Committment and faithfulness is not in his romantic dictionary. He is a love tyrant and an ingrate to the kindness of the goddess of love.

An emotional warfare is brewing between Marissa and her son Carlos. Marissa is one woman so sentimentally committed to the word- RESPONSIBILITY. Jennifer's phony pregnancy has thrown spanners into the smooth pathway of Luisa and Carlos; Now, Marissa is driven to pity for 'poor' Jennifer, and has even gone ahead of Carlos' consent to promise Jennifer that Carlos would return to marry her, and take responsibility for both pregnancy and marital ties. How she would actualise that remains to be seen on this telenovela.

The prime couple, Luisa and Carlos met again, and headed for the Amusement Park. While they were there enjoying themselves, they saw a fortune-teller who reads people's palms to foretell their future. Luisa dragged Carlos there because she is interested in their future together. The Fortune-teller, looked into Luisa's palm and predicted a turbulent future of disappointments. And also that, there is a well-kept secret that would change her future.

Carlos was not so enthused with the prediction, dismissing it as superstitious. But he was heavily weighed down with the burden of guilt, knowing that Jennifer's current 'pregnancy'
would certainly be a disappointing and betrayal blow for Luisa Fernanda when she finds out.

Pedro, a wonderful and loving father took Luisa out shopping, for her graduation ceremonial dress. He decked his 'princess' with high-taste clothes that even, Vanessa a rich girl, had to envy the dress. When they returned home they wered shocked to meet Amelia at home. She told them that her office was being fumingated, that was the reason for her early home-coming. Pedro knew instinctively that Amelia was lying.

Amelia went to her room without giving any regards to the new dress bought by Pedro for Luisa. Pedro followed her shortly into the room, to question her further about her purported office fumingation. He was shocked to see her wearing an earring that must have caused a fortune! He querried where she got it from, and she simply lied that, it was a gift from Lupe, her friend. Pedro boiled in anger and rebuked her for lying, saying that even Lupe could not afford that kind earring.

In the heat of the cross-fires of words between them, Marissa called the home of Pedro with intent to tell him to come and take up the contract of flowering all the branches of metropolitan bank. Amelia picked the phone and froze, when she recognized the voice of marissa, her boss, asking to speak with Pedro. Pedro assured Marissa that he would come the next day after the graduation ceremony of his loving daughter. Amelia launched another envious tirade at Pedro after he dropped the receiver. She asked him what he was doing with her boss, and where did he know her?

Pedro smiled, and told her that he had been working to plant and nurse a garden in Marissa's house for the past several months. Amelia became frightened and hysterical with this revelation. She demanded and ordered Pedro to terminate the contract now, and not to honor the appointment, nor have anything to do with Marissa again! Why, because, all the bank employees would know that her husband is a common gardener.

Pedro considered her reasoning as absurd and told her so. I want to shout out loud to somebody who can hear me and get Amelia's ear. This woman is frightened by a dead past that never really existed in the first instance. She doesn't want anybody close to her to have anything to do with anybody that is close to Luis Alejandro Montero. Let us wait to see if her bluff would get Pedro out of his own destiny path too.

Would Pedro listen and heed the 'order' of hysterical 'Sergent' Amelia? My fear for Amelia is that: if she refuses to let go, a dead past, she would forfeit the freshness and newness of the present. As she surrenders with amazing speed to that dead past, called Luis Alejandro Montero, what she secretly hope and thought to be a final destination would turn out for her to be a devastating destitution that cannot be reversed, because it would have been too late by then.

Don Fernando Alcantara has been discharged from the hospital, but this time, the symptoms of Alchemzier dieseas had set in...memory loss...etc. With a failing memory, would he be able to surmont the battle against his scoundrel daughter (Consuela), who wants to dis-inherit him and Amelia's daughter?

D-Day is here: Graduation ceremony. Luisa is the Best of the bests, among the graduating students. Carlos has promised to come, and Jennifer is planning to come too. Vanessa is expecting Carlos too. What wwould happen? A three-way battle for the soul Carlos' love by three ladies? Amelia continues her strings of bad-luck boycotts, this time, it is the boycott of her only daughter's graduation...

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