Friday, September 29, 2006

Episode 27: I Know You, You Are My Daughter

The battles in the life of Don Alcantara offered him an unusual trophy in tonite's episode. The trophy contained a strange wine, the wine of amnesia. Victory in this battle was a must for him, but drink, he must, of the wine of a debilitating dieseas of amnesia (memory-loss).

His desperation for victory in battle propelled him to pay the price, the heavy price of drinking the wine of memory-loss. From now on, Consuela Alcantara ceases to be the the greatest enemy of Don. The new "enemy-in-charge" is AMNESIA. And in his mortal combat with this enemy, as he strives to come out of the stupor, induced by this strange wine, he would have to come to terms with his soulish desire to meet Luisa Fernanda, his grand daughter whom he has left all his fortune to in his will. She may as well ignite his memory and recovery by leading him out of this incapacitating stupour. Out of the cloud, he located the secret that had been carefully hidden from him, throughout his ordeal with his wicked daughter, Consuelo Alcantara: he found his 'heiress-to-be' of his fortune. He found AMELUISA.

Who is Ameluisa? She is the young beautiful 18-year old daughter of Don Fernando Alcantara, the apple of his eyes, but that was some 19 years ago, before she became impregnated by Luis Alejandro Montero, before she was excommunicated and disowned by Don. That was when he last set his eyes on her. Tonite, 19 years afterwards, Luisa the daughter of Amelia has taken the exact image and replica of her mom: beautiful and tender. Her appearance by the street to rescue a Don that is alreday lost in the cloud of amnesia. Luisa's face was a resurrection of Amelia's face of 19 years ago. That was why Don called Luisa Fernanda "My daughter" when Luisa came to rescue him by the side street near the garden tonite. He saw Amelia, his daughter, as he touched the face of Luisa, his grand daughter. Would the effect of this wine of Amnesia wore off? Would he come back to regain his full memory? would he be consigned into a home for the sick or psychiatric cases? Only time and the next few episodes would tell?
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Pedro, catching Amelia in the act, made her to admit that she was truly talking to L.A. on phone and he was the 'stranger' that bumped into her on the street by the house. A row broke out between them as Amelia insisted that L.A. has a right to know the whereabouts of his daughter Luisa Fernanda. Pedro disagreed with her saying, L.A. was a jerk, a deserter and a coward who has no right to claim Luisa as his daughter. Moreover, Luisa's name, he claimed, was registered in his(Pedro Perez's) name as the father. LUISA FERNANDA PEREZ! If L.A. wants to fight it out he should be ready to meet him (Pedro) in court.

Amelia, at work the next day, told Lupe about her encounter with L.A., how he recognized her and how Pedro resisted her, and told her not talk to, or see L.A. She concluded her story by saying that: "...if even Pedro dies of a heart-attack, I am going to meet Luis Alejandro".

Luisa Fernanda received the shock of her life while on the cruise and was chatting with "Basket-Mouth" Augusto. He was trying to win the confidence of Luisa, so he told her a well-kept secret and begged her not to reveal it to Vanessa, because she would be hurt. Luisa urged him on, promising not to say anything to Vanessa. Augusto told her that Carlos is so distraught during this cruise because he had a load of burden on his mind. He told her that Carlos has a girl friend whom he has been dating for some few months now, and they're going to marry very soon. Luisa was shocked and asked him further, who is the girl? Augusto replied: "...her name is JENNIFER de LA VEGA, a georgeous model in town, please don't tell Vanessa!"

Luisa Fernanda lost her balance, she asked Augusto which Jennifer, is it the lawyer? Augusto replied that Jennifer was not a lawyer, but a former Miss Universe. L.F. was mad with anger, calling Carlos a cheating liar and ran away to her cabin. Augusto misunderstood her expression... thinking that she was being jealous for her best friend Vanessa, and he was afraid that she would go and reveal the news to Vanessa.

In her cabin, tears of pain and betrayal flowed freely like a river from her eyes, in-between
her cracking sobs, she asked: " could he do this to me? could he deceive me? could he make a fool of me?" She made her decision to leave immediately for home, there was no point to pretend to still be in he same boat with a supposed 'traitor'. She came to the LOVE BOAT with hope and joy; but she left it as a HATE BOAT with disappointment and anger. Not even the pleadings by Sister Smiley and Vanessa could stop her from leaving.

Luis Alejandro is a black-spotted leopard, that won't let go his cunning spots after 19 years. He called Don at home on a Sunday, to tell him that he has not found Amelia and that Mrs. Alvare Torres, the phony 'witness' who was supposed to have had the last contact with Amelia has disappeared into thin air. Why is L.A. lying and deceiving the old man? Surely, it must be because he wanted to first negotiate with Amelia, to put him in the scheme of things, before presenting her as a trophy to Don, so that Don can see him as a saviour and not a villain.

Fire on the mountain! Consuela run, run and ran to Amelia's house, to work out another evil scheme that would not put her at a disadvantage....Amelia told her to go and wait for her at a near-by joint, because Pedro was at home. As she dressed up to go out, Pero locked her in, because he suspected that she wanted to go to a meeting with that"Bast..."! Consuela waited in vain as Amelia could not come.

Augusto called his friend, Carlos aside, to confess his mistake of telling Luisa about Jenny, and that was the reason for Luisa being upset. Carlos flew off the handle and for the first time came out openly that Luisa was his girlfriend, accusing Augusto of being : "...a jealous opportunist did that, to separate her from me!" Augusto's confusion was magnified and multiplied beyond measure, it took him a while before comprehending the anger and outburst of Carlos, and when he uderstood, he angrily retorted that Carlos has betrayed him, Vanessa, and Jenniffer. that was the end of their love boat dream and perhaps, friendship. He walked away angrily. Carlos later realised through Sister Smiley that Luisa Fernanda has left the yatch and gone home since morning!

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