Thursday, September 28, 2006

Episode 26: To Live Without True Love Is Impossible

The stage is now set for an explosive encounter. Thank God for Lic Ordonez who invited Amelia again to an exclusive restaurant in the city, for a lunch date. Who would have imagined that it would be Luis Alejandro Montero himself that would find out Amelia and, this time, recognize her? Particularly after having lost hope and told Don Fernanda to forget about Amelia in yesterday's episode...more of that later.

After the awkward kiss, Carlos was able to break free from the gluish grip of Vanessa and firmly told her that she had to leave now, to avoid being caught alone with him by the Chaperon of the cruise, Sister Smiley. He opened his cabin door, despite Vanessa's protestations, dragged her out to the corridor, then closed back his door. He waited in vain and searched without success for Luisa Fernanda's cabin that nite. The next day at the beach, he asked Luisa why she didn't come, as planned and promised to his cabin. She angrily and jealously replied him that having saw Vanessa opened his door, it was pointless coming again. He assured her that nothing happened between them. The two frustrated love-birds freed themselves from all encumbrances and whent to the rock-side to sing love songs for each other. They re-assessed the complications and decided to tell their best friends: Vanessa and Augusto that they were dating and were lovers, even if it would cost them their friendship. Luisa quoted Pedro on this matter, saying: "The truth first and foremost!"

When the time of telling their friends the truth came at the beach, they made feeble attempts and procastinated. I wonder if they would miss this opportunity of the cruise to put an end to the romantic ignorance of their best friends and aspirant lovers. I also wonder if Carlos would have the guts during this cruise to tell Luisa all about camilla...Ooops! I mean all about Jennifer and her "pregnancy".

Jennifer is very desperate now, knowing that all her zeal to cage Carlos with a phony pregnancy trap seem to be failing, as Carlos is undaunted in his cupid pursuit of Luisa Fernanda. She called Carlos' hospital to spring another scheme from her bag of tricks, only to receive a rude shock of announcement that, Carlos has gone on a cruise...of course, with Luisa Fernanda! She stood up and took off in a flight to Marissa's house, accusing her of hoarding information about Carlos' cruise with Luisa on the LOVE BOAT from her. Marissa was so nervous bercause of this aggression, but managed to explain that she did not want to cause her more anguish by telling her of it. She however promised her that she would tell the girl's that "...his daughter is fooling around with my Carlos Eduardo".

By the time she saw Pedro, and told him that Carlos went on the same cruise with his daughter Luisa, he was shocked because Luisa hid that information from him. Just before Marissa delivered the 'blow of separation' of their children to Pedro, she received an emergency call from an already hysteric Jennifer who screamed on phone that the fashion show was about to collapse, because of the workmen's negligence at the venue. So she dismissed Pedro promising to continue the talk later.

Amelia, at lunch table with her prospective lover- Lic Ordonez, was at the receiving end of affectionate pampering at the exclusive restaurant. As Lic was exploring avenues for a closer relationship with her, Luis Alejandro Montero appeared and stumbled on them. He greeted them and told them that he came to meet with a client of his at the restaurant. Lic introduced Mrs. Amelia Perez to L.A. as the secretary to the president, Marissa, his wife. L.A. gazed with intensity at this woman and probably because of her name, began to throw questions about her background at her. Wanting to know her family and if she had any children.

The Discovery of Lost Destiny: Amelia
Amelia was uncomfortable, so she stood up with anger in her voice and eyes, saying she had other schedules to take care of at home and excusd herself. After she went out, L.A. challenged Lic for starting an affair with a married woman, of which Lic said the woman was about to get a divorce, and that she was only a friend. L.A. left the restaurant immediately, and tailed the taxi that carried Amelia home. As Amelia got down from taxi, L.A. schreeched to a halt and ran after her on foot shouting Amelia, Amelia...Amelia..., in recognition of his old 19-year flame. Amelia shouted back at him saying: "...leave me alone Luis Alejandro Montero". He begged her that there are important issues that he has been looking all over the country for her to discuss with her. Just then, Pedro surfaced. As soon as she saw Pedro, she told L.A. that her husband is around and can't talk to him now. L.A. gave her his card and begged her again that he would be waiting for her call.

Consuela called L.A. and told him to discourage Don from meeting with Alvare Torres, so that the meeting may not aggravate his health conditions. L.A. told her that would no longer be necessary, because he has found Amelia. There was a pin-drop, dead silence on the other end of the phone. Damned Consuela must have been shocked with this info. L.A. hanged up because he was expecting Amelia's call any momment from then.

Amelia picked the phone and truly called L.A., they chatted and Amelia told him that they needed to go to a private place to talk about so many matters..."I want us to talk about our daughter too." Pedro has entered the house and heard all what Amelia was saying on the phone. He froze and looked shocked and betrayed. What happened next is best immagined for the next episode.

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Anonymous said...

Well well, this is getting interesting by the day. Meanwhile, its so sad that Amelia at her age still dont understand what true love is, else she would not be treating Pedro the way she does and pls for Christ sake, Pedro should be a man and tell this lady off. Can someone tell Jenifer and Venessa to give Carlos a breathing space? U can never force a man to luv u cos it will never work. Luisa Fernanda, u put urself into this mess by trying to keep it things secret and end up hurting urself, hang on girl dont give up cos its gonna work out for u and Carlos.