Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week 4: Weekend Review

The last 5 days have been an interesting week of confrontational intrigues. This is good as it sets a firm foothold for the telenovela among a swelling and growing fans population for the Gardener's Daughter (la Hija del Jardinero).

Amelia was humiliated by fate, not by Marissa. A growing resentment for Marissa by Amelia may lead Amelia to another 'abortion' of this new opportunity thrown at her laps. I pray this lady would learn accomodation and enduring capacity for tolerance. If she refuses, she may sink into the oblivion of the forgotten for ever. If she can wait with legendary patience, I feel her opportunity for restoration would come to fetch her at that place she is working now. But would she? With her 'Mamangida' posture and temperament, won't this lady of unbriddled anger throw the 'baby out with the bath water'? the next few weeks would tell.

A phony father (Heriberto) gave birth to a phony and scheming daughter (Vanessa). Like father; like daughter! Vanessa was a big disappointment during the week. She 'washed' Luisa Fernanda- our heroine in this film, with a derogatory tongue. Oooh, the blows of a bossom friend is worst than the stab of an enemy. Et Tu Vanessa!

This new week coming would...throw up some deft moves by the cupid gladiators that would pitch the warring camps sharply against one another. If last week was described by me as multiple confrontations, this coming week would see long and deep trenches being dug by love soldiers for a protracted war of emotional appropriation and attrition. New emotional frontiers of war may be opened between Vanessa and Luisa as vanessa may find out who the new and real girlfriend of Carlos is: Luisa Fernanda.

A fierce battle between jennifer and righteous Luisa may be in the offing this new week. Amelia may 'stumble' into her son-in-law to be Carlos at his mother's office. This may trigger another mistaken identity battle as Amelia may contrue carlos to be the real son of L.A. Sworn enemies may close ranks for alliances of convinience in order to deal with their perceived common enemies.


obifromsouthlondon said...

hey Philomena! been reading for a little bit and it is intriguing. hope you and your family are enjoying the weekend.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Great my brother, how is South 'Jandon'? thanks for making us proud with your recent Award victory. I am highly honoured to have you visit our "Garden" this Sunday. Have a great week ahead.

keep up the good work and...'keep gardening'...LOL!

Jalal said...

Hey Philomena.
More kudos to u, u really write with a passion, One would think that u have already watched the soap before hand...........

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Thanks Jalal,

you keep up the good work on your site too.

You have not replied to my msg which I left in your private box on your site.

pls, do correct the impressions as due and demanded by me.

I would post your msg on our chat box.