Saturday, September 30, 2006

Week 6: Weekend Review

Yes, when history repeats itself, it does so as a trajedy. Amelia stand the risk of been swindled by a tragic repetition of emotional disappointment from the hands of Luis Alejandro Montero. This con-lover, having realised that his unknown daughter by Amelia stands to inherit a huge fortune from her grand father, Don Fernando Alcantara, has gone ahead to work overtime on Amelia's infatuation for him. The ground for that has been set by the five episodes of "La Hija del Jardinero" last week.

Amelia is bent to do the magical, that is, re-tying the broken emotional thread of 19 years ago, when she was emotionally betrayed by Luis Alejandro Montero. She is desperate to re-enact the fulfilment of a 19-year dream that was a fraud, in the first place. She has started to lie and deceive all those close to her, in order to get that dream of re-union with Luis Alejandro to come to pass. She vowed to go ahead with her plans even if Pedro suffers a heart-attack because of that.

I suspect that at the hide-out rendezvous planned by the duo, L.A. would first open the lid on her 18-year bottled emotions, and take her to the climax, before planning with her how to approach the impending fortune coming to Luisa Fernanda- their biological offspring.

Leopoldo's profile is rising rapidly in this telenovela, all thanks to Marissa who fervently believes in the love relationship of Leopoldo and Andreina. I am happy for once, with the positive role that our star actor in "Cuando Seas Mia" Rodriguez Abed a.k.a. "Fabian Sanchez Serrano" is playing as "Leopoldo" in this telenovela.

Last week review also showed how Consuela, the consumate evil schemer, was ambushed by fate, as L.A. 'jammed' Amelia in a restaurant. This put paid to her fabrication that Amelia has disappeared out of Mexico into thin air since 18 years ago.

This new week would or should sufficiently dampen the naive puppy infatuation of Vanessa as she should not escape the full knowledge of the relationship between entranged lovers: Luisa and Carlos. I get the feeling so far, that Jennifer would fail utterly to get Carlos to marry her. Regardless of her phony pregnancy trap for Carlos.

It was a humorous note for me when, in retrospection, I saw the Love Boat turned out to be Hate Boat, as the Luisa-Carlos love was upset and upsataged on this boat, same for the best-friend relationship between Augusto and Carlos.

On a last note, I could not help but be hurt to see Luis Alejandro deceive the old man Don, that he has not found Amelia when in actual fact, he has met her and was already planning a re-union rendezvous with her in his "Bamboat" love-nest hideout.

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Anonymous said...

I am an engineer and dont like suspense. Can you just tell me all about the movie and let all these anxieties go?