Sunday, October 01, 2006

Independence Gift: Flags UP for Gardeners

This evening, we deemed it fit to honour all our 3,500+ loyal visitors of the last six weeks who have, by patronage, lifted our page views to over 11,000+ (in fact, we crossed the 1,000 daily PV last Thursday). From today, as a mark of Nigeria's Independence Anniversary celebrations, we have begun now to hoist the flags of countries from where you have visited this 'Garden'.

Wow! in less that 12 hours we already have 77 visitors from 16 countries! Thanks to, and courtesy of NeoWorX, Provider of Quality Tools for world Blogs. As you register your visitation to the 'Garden', be sure to see your country of residence's flag hoisted. Nigeria is leading the pack for now, followed by Tanzania, while God's own country- the United States of America comes third position.

We have also, in the spirit of the 46th Independence anniversary celebration of Nigeria, install a "Flag Quiz Game" for our visitors. It is to sharpen your intelligent capacity to recognize flags of different countries. Please, keep playing, you never can tell..., may be, one day soonest, we may use the highest three scorers, to award some prize before Xmas to our visitors for your patronage.

Keep gardening...

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