Thursday, October 05, 2006

Episode 31: Slap Me, If You Love Me

Triumphant love would shatter the best prediction of any soothsayer, anyday. The mystery love-cord that binds Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo Gomez together is stronger than the sharpest knives of the cupid assassins. Fickle and money-motivated love can be stabbed and slain by treacherous swords, but not true love. The kind that sprouted between Carlos and Luisa. Herein lies the romantic mystery that defies parental selfishness (Pedro and Amelia), mocks enemies wicked plots (Jenny and Luis Alejandro), disgraces envious schemers (Consuela and Vanessa) and Conquers obstinate unbelievers (Marissa and Augusto).

He who feels it knows it, it takes a true and unfeigned lover to appreciate the immeasurable depth of true love. It is unspeakeable! That is the class which Ceasar and Clarita belonged. They are the only ones among the motley crowd of confused relatives, who believed, worked for and knew the true depth of love between Carlos and Luisa Fernanda. For them, there is no shame, no mockery, no selfishness and no emotional slavery or manipulation.

Jennifer was drowning in the pool of her own lies, so, she stubbonly clung to the last straw of falsehood by telling Luisa Fernanda with her own mouth, that she is carrying Carlos' baby in her womb. That was too much for Luisa, she ran out of Jennifer's house with uncontrollable tears. Carlos woke up from the mire of stupour and asked himself what he was doing on Jennifer's bed. All the pleadings for forgiveness and reconcilliation by Jenny fell on deaf ears. Telling her that she lost her world-class dignity by setting a phony pregnancy trap for him. He staggered out of her house while leaving her in a pool of her own crocodile tears.

When he told his mother and Rosario, while Clarita was eavesdropping, they were amazed and embarrassed by the shameful tricks of Jenny. Marissa felt offended for being taken for a ride by Jennifer's deceptions. She apologized for the unbearable emotional pressure she had mounted in past weeks on Carlos to accept Jennifer as his wife and mother of the unborn and untrue baby. When he staggered to the bathroom to shower, with plans to go and beg for Luisa Fernanda's love, he was advised not to go in his stupour state. He was advised to go the next morning when he is sober.

Pedro swore before L.A. that he would never see his daughter. He called L.A. a miserable scumbag and many unprintable names, and refused all entreaties by L.A. When L.A. saw his obstinacy, he threatened him with a DNA-test and legal proceedures to recover and claim his daughter from Pedro, telling Pedro that he was sick and tired of his melodrama. Pedro got furious, he closed up on L.A. and landed him an arial punch loaded with 18-year fury and frustrations. L.A. crashed to the floor with a bleeding nose. Pedro stormed out of L.A.'s office.

Consuela carried out her assignment with speed and to the letter. Amelia agreed to bring Luisa Fernanda to lunch with Consuela and Luis Alejandro Montero. She gave Luisa a description of the rendezvous point, at a restaurant, telling her she wanted her to meet a friend of hers and would be waiting for her. Of course Luisa would have gone for the strange meeting but for Pedro that came on time to disuade her from going, for his own personal selfish reasons. After the trio of L.A. Consuelo and Amelia had waited in vain for several hours for the arrival of Luisa. Amelia called the phone at home and Pedro picked it, he told her to forget it; that Luisa would not come because he knew that the 'mystery friend' at the restaurant is L.A. he hanged up on her.

Jenny made a last ditch effort very early the next day, she came to Marissa's house to plead again for forgiveness with crocodile tears. Carlos declared to her that her wicked and despicable pregnancy trap is unpardonable and walked out on her. When he got to Pedro's house, Luisa went to open the door, not knowing who was knocking. She was surprised and angry to discover Carlos at the door. She wanted to bang the door on his face but Carlos was quick to block her effort. He begged for forgiveness and wanted her to listen to his own explanations of what and how their relationship went awry. He concluded with a heart-rending truthful plea, saying: "...I know you love me, and I love you too..." WHAM! before he could conclude his plea, Luisa Fernanda interrupted his speech with a hot, violent and jealous SLAP on his face...wait until next episode of this telenovela, if this love-striken couple would re-unite and move on or if they woul further fall-apart!

Don Alcantara was in good spirits and was happily chatting with Rigoberto when, 'reformed' Consuela came downstairs with the 'good news fom Luis Alejandro': Amelia has found! and she would be returning with her daughter back home TODAY!!! The old man's eyes glowed radiantly with joy and excitement at the news. With a trembling voice and tears, he embraced Rigo, and they all waited with high-octane anxiety for the arrival of Amelia and her daughter.

Amelia called Luisa Fernanda to pack all her things and get ready, as they would be moving out of this small house to a big mansion with gardens and beautiful landscape. No more poverty. Meeting new rich friends and starting a new life. Luisa was confused about this weird news from her mother. Since Amelia could not tell her the detailed truth, because she had lied to her, a long time ago, that her grand father had died over 18 years ago. All she could do is to put Luisa in suspense with mysterious promises till their arrival later in the evening after closing from her office..., but would they arrive?..., the stage is now set for an upset that would reconfigure the lives of Luisa and Pedro and,...wait a minute, what of Amelia, the queen? Next episode holds the mystery answer... let's hang on and not hang up.

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can we have the whole episode at once? cos a time may come when nepa will sieze d light, and we can no longer follow the soap opera. thanks