Friday, October 06, 2006

Episode 32: Forget About Poor Pedro!

Tonite, I thank Amelia for teaching me an eternal lesson on bad temper. Therefore tonite, I bury my temper for ever! A temperamental person is not only a fool, but also a food for the devil. Three things killed Amelia tonite:

  • 1- Bad Temper
  • 2- Ingratitude
  • 3- Unfaithfulness (Covenant-breaking)
Amelia was a covenant-breaker, in the height of ephoria, having got the freedom she so much desired for almost twenty years of exile under Pedro's roof, she despised the man whoose roof offered her protection, whoose heart offered her adoration and whoose labour and sweat offered her minimal comfort and care. She promised Pedro that she would hold dear, the memory of his good his fatherhood over Luisa Fernanda for all these years, by not telling Luisa that Pedro was not her biological father. But in a fit of anger and pride she despised Pedro and told Luisa Fernanda to: "...forget about poor Pedro,...Pedro is not your father,... he was just a gardener in my father's house..." Amelia was a special case, a lesson for those who cling to lying vanities, and ended up forsaking, even their own mercies. That statement of ingratitude lifted and shifted the cloud of protective mercy over her life in the last 20 years of wilderness experience.

As soon as she broke her promise and despised Pedro's labor and care of almost 20 years, I believe some spiritual forces went into operation to release her as a prey and food for the devil. She lost control of the car she was driving, satan took over and sommersaulted her car several times over. It would take a special miracle for any or both of them (Amelia and Luisa Fernanda) to survive that satan-inspired ghastly accident tonite.

[We know of course, by synopsis which we have read, here and there, that only Luisa Fernanda survived that accident (a miracle indeed), Amelia died as a result of that tragic accident.]

Meanwhile, L.A. Don Alcantara, Consuela and husband, Rigoberto and even Vanessa, were all waiting in anxiety for the arrival of 'queen' Amelia and her 'unknown princess' daughter. A 'queen' destined not for the throne, but the grave. A 'queen' that lost her crown to bad temper and ingratitude. Having lost her life and throne, this 'unknown princess' (Luisa Fernanda), would have to assume and ascend the vacant throne, but not without tribulations and persecutions and even imprisonment for 2 years...." let me not 'jump' the gun for your entertainment sake.

Tonite's episode was a turbulent one for Carlos Eduardo Gomez. Everywhere he turned, opposition and resistance awaited him. After recieving a 'deserved' slap from Luisa Fernanda. his explanations did not convince her, she thought he was lying to cover his previous lies. She sent him out of her house and shut the door against him. Augusto also came to his clinic to tell him that he would not cease to pursue his love for Luisa.

Marissa ... met Pedro, and was shocked to hear from Pedro that he was resingning his contract because of the dishonourable way Carlos, her son, deceived his daughter Luisa. He also shared his burden about his estranged wife that has divorced him. Amelia entered Marissa's office and saw Pedro and Marissa in deep discussions. She announced her resignation too, saying she wanted to go and start a new phase of life. She left hurriedly and Pedro also ran after her, Marissa was confused about their behaviours.

Carlos and Lic Ordonez came in, and Marissa confirmed her confusion about the resignations of Pedro and Amelia. Carlos revealed his assumed reason for their resignations: Both are estranged husband and wife. marissa and Lic ordonez were shocked to learn that both were husband and wife.

Vanessa came to visit Luisa. She told Luisa about a mystery "lost but found mother and daughter" who, her whole house were preparing to receive. Luisa was about to reveal to her that, Carlos was her boyfriend when Amelia and Pedro entered the house with fighting and quarrelling.

Consuela and her husband, Heriberto were quarrelling over how Consuela brought Amelia and Luisa back home. But Consuela said it was not her fault, because it was L.A. that found them out and brought about the re-union. They were sorely afraid that the true heiress of Don's fortune was coming to dispossess them of their hope of inheriting Don's fortune. All their schemes and discussions were filtering out to Rigoberto's ears who stood by their door eavsdropping.


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