Thursday, October 12, 2006

Episode 36: Give Him Another Chance

Carlos Eduardo Gomez's honest passion can melt even the heart of a catholic nun- sister Joaquina, was swept off her feet by his confession of mistakes and true love for Luisa Fernanda. After the burial mass for Amelia, she called Luisa aside and pleaded with her to "...give Carlos Eduardo another chance".

A few minutes earlier, Augusto tried out a second chance with with Luisa Fernanda's love and failed again. Luisa told this opportunist friend that: " have no future with me, go to Spain and pursue your professional career as planned..., I can't love you as much you've loved me." What a bitter but truthful lesson for all of us..., If that guy or that babe you are pursuing to shower love upon cannot reciprocate after a while, (maybe a year or so). It would be crazy to go ahead because that 'gap' would speak sorrow and regret in future into your life, if you refuse to give up. Love has to be mutual or it is not LOVE! That was the truth as preached by no other person than the ingenius STEVE WONDER in his mega star album "...Loving somebody..., somebody loves you back..."

Still in the spirit of second chance, Marissa came home the next day after spending the night in the house of Jennifer. Luis Alejandro went to Andreina's apartment early in the morning in a desperate move to retrieve the ring from her with the aim of presenting it to Marissa as the controversial ring that has caused turmoil in their marrige. Andreina refused to surrender the ring because she said she can't play the fool and he should go back to resolve his problem with Marissa. After much vebal exchange with an unyielding Andreina, he walloped her face with a big blow. His failure to retrieve the ring made him come home to confess half truths to Marissa that he actually bought the ring as compensation and parting gift to a woman of easy virtue that he met sometime ago in an hotel. He said that was the only way to send her off and out of his life. With tearful subtlety, he succeeded in melting Marissa's tender heart, to give him another chance.

The rain of another chance fell on both the wicked and the just too. Consuela came straight from the burial service of Amelia to L.A.'s office. She made attempt again to seal the hope of L.A. by telling him that with the death of Amelia, the only link to claiming Luisa as his daughter has died with her, that he should forget about his daughter and face his future. She tried unsuccessfully to paint a vivid mountain of impossibility to L.A, saying: " would you explain to your little wife that you had a secret daughter for 18 years by another woman, would she ever forgive you for that? How would you face my father and tell him that Amelia is dead but her daughter is still alive and you are the true father of the girl? My father would see you as a coward and you would lose your esteem before him. Pedro would never let you get near that girl, forget about your daughter!"

Luis Alenjandro was not disuaded by Consuela's mountains, he headed for Pedro's house to express his condolence and, more importantly, to demand for a second time to meet his daughter. It is so interesting that all through his interaction with Amelia and Pedro, he never for once asked them for the name of his daughter, if he had, he would not need to go through them, he would have realised that it was the same girl he had labelled as a "gold-digger" that was his daughter. The girl whom he hit with his car and who sued him in court and won the case for compesation for the 'injury'. That was his ironic daughter!

Before he was shoved out by Pedro, he left some bitter truth for Pedro to chew. He told Pedro that his hatred for him(L.A), was because he wasted 18 yerars of his life loving Amelia and Amelia never loved him back. He promised Pedro with a grinding teeth that, even if he sent her (his daughter) to the end of the world, "...I would find my daughter either the hard way or easy way."

Lover-boy Leopoldo came to visit Andreina, saying he wanted to give her a treat for the whole day. As they were gisting, he noticed that she wore a big spectacle over her face. he playfully removed it and was shocked to see her eyes bruised and swollen. In a fit of rage, he demanded from her: "...who hit to you, don't tell me that you fell down from the stairs, I won't believe it, who is the imbecile that did this to you!"

When Jennifer learnt about the tragic death of Amelia in a car accident, through Marissa, the first desirous querry she asked was: "...and did Luisa Fernanda died as well in the accident?" To have this kind of evil-minded lady as a friend, Marissa does not need an enemy again. Jenny was sad and disappointed to know that Luisa survived the accident. She was further depressed to know that Carlos would be with Luisa, commiserating with her and this tragedy may even bring him closer to Luisa. She went to meet Carlos at work giving him an offer that she would go to meet Luisa Fernanda and tell her that she (Jenny), was not pregnant and that she faked it to separate Carlos from Luisa. That seems too good to be true for Carlos... Would he fall for the evil bait? next episode would tell.

Vanessa stubbornly clung to a lie, nutured and inspired by her scheming father, that she should continue to fight for Carlos Eduardo's love, that she would win, even if Carlos does not love her now, he would later, if she keep up the romantic pressure. She approached Carlos again at the burial ground, asking him to drive her home. Carlos declined, telling her he had another business to attend to somewhere else. Luisa Fernanda was watching the drama from the corner of her eyes, carlos looked up and caught her glance.

Luisa Fernanda seemed to have missed the complete story, which Amelia never finished telling before the tragic accident that killed her. Luisa miscontrued the uncompleted story, thinking that her mom was impregnated by another man and was thrown out by her grand father. She also thought that Pedro too had an affair with her mom but was not the owner of the pregnancy, but her mom made him to believe that he was the father of the Luisa. With this misconception about an uncompleted story, she called Vanessa aside and told her that she had a confession to make and she should promise her never to tell anybody.

She told Vanessa that Pedro was not her real father because her mother told her so, just before the accident. She told her that she does not want to tell Pedro becuase she thought the man would die if he knows.


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