Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Episode 35: The Lover's Ring of Turmoil

Marissa has pulled a surprise in this telenovela tonite, she has decided to wake up to her billing as a shrewd and intelligent banker, and not as "Mrs. Foolish", being a malleable toy in the fingers of her con-lover, Luis Alejandro Montero. She was to have lunch with her husband, but when she got there, she was told that he had gone out with his friend to lunch. By intuition, she went to his table, and alas! it was the receipt of purchase of an expensive ring that she found there. She wondered aloud which anniversary was her family marking today? It was neither her wedding a nor birthday, so, from whence cometh this ring?

She took the right and discrete step, she didn't go to join him at the lunch, she rather launched her own private investigation to get to the root of this mystery ring. She traced the address of the bridal shop and assumed that her husband sent her a ring and it has not arrived. By the time the manager investigated her claim, they must have been surprised that the name and address of the recipient was not hers, so they insisted on discretion, and refused to tell her the name and address of the recipient. This only served to confirm and fueled her suspicion the more.

On getting home, she confronted her adulterous and scheming husband with his cunning schemes. With a torrent of questions, too fast and too much to be answered or deflected by Luis Alejandro. She challenged him, saying: "The ring you bought this morning, who was it for? ...You have a lover, don't you? Who did you buy a ring for, at a bridal shop this morning?" L.A. was surprised and first pretended as if he did not remember any ring, denying any love affair with any woman elsewhere. After recovering quickly from the surprise, he later replied that it was for her, and that he had sent it to her office. She told him that it was a lie and it was not for her, as she had gone to the store where they refused to disclose the name and address of the recipient to her. She was furious and poured out her displeasure on him asking: "...Who is that woman? long have you been seeing her?...I don't like it when you insult my intelligence, I am not stupid..., I never suspected that you were cheating on me..."

Carlos Eduardo was withing earshot while this drama was unfolding, so, he naturally intervened on the side of his mother, but L.A. asked him to shut up, as this was between him and his wife, the arguement graduated into hot exchanges and..., before you could say: "Jack Robinson", Carlos had landed a hot and jealous punch on the jaw of L.A., he slumped under the impact of the blow. Carlos stormed out in anger and Marissa rushed to her husband to look after him. He threw her concerned hands away, telling her with an emotion-ladden voice that she let 'their' son insult and humiliated him over matters that was strictly between them.

Marissa did not bulge on her accusation, she too went out, crying to her "friends"- Andreina and Jennifer de la Vega. Meanwhile, before her arrival, Andreina had disclosed to Jenny that L.A. sent an expensive ring to her to pacify her. she confessed that she would not give-in to his antics. She also told Jenny that she is growing fond of Leoplodo, saying: "...he is the only man who can get Luis Alejandro out of my system, I like him (referring to Leopoldo)."

Lic Ordonez and Ceasar came to the hospital and learned that Amelia is dead. Lic was shaken to the marrow by Amelia's death. He later confessed to Lupe that he was already in love with Amelia, and was only waiting for her to conclude her divorce, before his proposition to marry her, saying he would have given her a better life than the maltreatment Pedro gave her. Lupe told him that she was aware that he had a "thing" for Amelia, but she said: "...Sir, you are very wrong about Pedro, he is a kind man, they were divorcing for a different reason than it is obvious to outsiders, let me respect the memory of my best friend by not disclosing the reasons".

Joaquina and Pedro came to Don Fernando Alcantara's house to break the sad news of Amelia's death to her paternal family. Don was not at home, he had travelled on a sympathy visit to another city with Rigoberto, to visit a last living relative of Rigo who was on a death bed. Consuela, the astute con-woman was the only one available to receive them, and was initially shocked with the news of Amelia's death. Right there and then, her desperately wicked mind began to work overtime, to resume her old con game and play it to fit the new scenario, to her advantage in her battle to switch her father's fortune to her name. She asked Pedro what became of Amelia's daughter in the accident. Pedro assured her that his daughter was fortunately saved with some minor injuries. Consuela's evil mind must have been racing at this news, ONE DOWN; ONE TO GO!

She lied to Pedro that Amelia was not coming to Don's house before the accident, that her father has not forgiven Amelia. She said she was sure that Amelia was running away to another man's house, maybe Luis Alejandro. She denied ever meeting Amelia since she was chased out with the new baby and Pedro from the house by Don, some 18 years ago. Pedro later left, pleading with her to get the news to Don as soon as he comes back, telling her also that the next day would be the burial.

Ceasar, Clarita and Rosario were jisting about the events of Amelia's death, Vanessa (who would soon become an evil pawn on the chessboard of her father and step-mother), appeared in the Gomez mansion, asking for Carlos Eduardo. Rosario told her that he was at the hospital. She went straight there. Carlos told her that her friend, Luisa Fernanda had a car accident with her mom, Amelia, who is now late. She was shocked, and was led to greet Luisa on her hospital bed. The senior doctor came and ordered that since Luisa' sedation was wearing off, she should be given another one. She protested and begged to attend the burial of her mother next day. The senior doctor told her that depends on her recovery level.

Luisa thought that Vanessa came to sympathise with her at the hospital, not knowing that she came purposely for Carlos Eduardo. Luisa Fernanda was afraid of hurting Pedro further than necessary. When Pedro asked her what she and Amelia were arguing about, which led to the accident, she didn't want to tell him that it was about his paternity over her. She lied to Pedro that it was about her grand father whom her mother said is alive and no longer dead, contrary to what she claimed many months ago.

Casrlos Eduardo went to Sister Joaquina's office to beg her to talk to Luisa Fernanda on his behalf. That Luisa has not forgiven him for his mistake of double-dating Jenny and her. Next episode would unravel many mysteries in this Mexican telenovela.

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