Thursday, October 19, 2006

Episode 41: He Really Moved Me!

Yesternite It was Vintage Marissa. If she had put up this wise and 'iron lady' pose, (and sustained it), she would not have suffered the calamity that she was made to go through in this telenovela. The exposures continue..., and Marissa took back her crown of prudency. In their bedroom, Luis Alejandro tried to ferret information about Pedro from Marissa. She innocently told him of Pedro's state of health, but he warned her to be careful with Pedro, because a crazy man can cause havoc any time, he advised her to make sure she fires the man from coming to work in their house again. He even challenged her for talking about the 'simple gardener' as if he were a friend.

L.A. got what he did not bargained for, with his careless statement of 'advice and caution'. Marissa reacted sharply, saying: "...that 'simple gardener' is a kind-hearted man, full of devotion and true love for his late wife,... he really moved me, he adored and was faithful and loyal to his wife..., moreover, I cannot sack him, this is the time he needs the job most..." Having burned his finger, L.A. quickly withdrew and told his wife to forget about other people's affairs, as he made moves to caress her, she packed him aside, saying she is tired and went straight to bed and to sleep.

In the morning when they woke up, Marissa went to the shower, L.A. recieved an urgent phonecall from Andreina, as he was quitetly warning her of the danger of calling him at that odd hour, Marissa eavesdropped and came out of the bathroom. L.A. skillfully changed the subject saying, "...Mr. Fernando, don't worry I'd see you later this morning to iron out your Will, bye".

Marissa asked him who was calling, and he said it was Don. He rushed to the bathroom to avoid further enquiry. Marissa picked his hanset, and checked the last caller's number. Her eyes shone with anger, as she confirmed Andreina's number. She smiled and kept quiet. Clarita came to inform them that Jenny was waiting to see L.A. When L.A. came out, he cursorily glanced through Jenny's contract papers and told her to meet him in the office for counsel. He hurried out for his 'appointment' with Andreina.

As soon as he left, Marissa phoned detective Guiterez to tail him as he left the house. She told him to get the details of where he goes and whom he meets. Jenny erxpressed her shock at Marissa's new vigilance. Marissa replied saying: "...I want to get to the bottom of all the things that have been happening under my nose,... all these years of our marriage, I have been a trusting woman, but he took me for granted,... there is nothing that Luis Alejandro wanted that I did not give him, not only in finances, but also in other areas,... do you know how much I invested to look young and maintain my youthful figure? ... I have had proposition from men who are more powerful and more handsome than him, but I rejected them because I love him, ..."

When Jenny asked her if the detective should find out his infidelity to be true, what would she do? Marissa replied with emotion, saying: "...I would destroy him! I'd throw him unto the streets, ... and Andreina, that ungrateful animal, she would suffer!"

Jenny never let any oppourtunity to be with and seduce Carlos slipped her by, she used the opportunity of coming to meet L.A. at home to announce her new contract to Carlos, and as she pretended to be showing him the contract papers, she stylishly began to rub her breast on his back,... Carlos quickly withdrew and handed her over to Clarita to usher her to see L.A.

L.A visited Andreina in the apartment he rented for her, she told him as he came in that: "Marissa already knows that it is me..." As L.A. came out of Andreina's apartment, the detective was ready wioth camera, ... and he took several shots of him in front of Andreina's apartment.

The scheming couple, Consuelo and Heriberto perfected their plans to hijack the fortune of Don Fernando in their room. Heriberto collected a piece of paper from his wife, asking her what it was. She told him that it was the doctor's prescription that was to delay the onset of amnesia for Don. Heriberto urged her not to purchase the drug, so that instead of delay, they want his amnesia to accelerate so that he would sign the new Will that L.A. is preparing which would give them the whole fortune of Don. Consuela agreed and tore the prescription paper to shreds. I can't wait to see the judgement of God on this wicked couple!

The Psychiatrist Dr. Alfredo, arrived into an already tensed and charged atmosphere at the hospital. he went in to examine Pedro. Pedro told him that he is wasting his time, because he (Pedro) does not need a 'Shrink' now. After the examination, Alfredo came out and introduced himself to Carlos, but requested to see Luisa Fernanda in privacy. During their 'private' talk, it was obvious that Alfredo has a liking for Luisa. He broke down every wall of formality and told Luisa to be his friend and let them be on first name terms with each other.... (huuhh, I can smell emotional trouble coming...).

Just like she told Carlos, Luisa also told Alfredo about her suspicion of the possible cause of Pedro's depression. She told him that, she is not her father's daughter. Alfredo told her of the enormous cost of treating Pedro and the need to move him out of there to a mental hospital. She promised to talk Pedro into agreeing to go to the mental hospital. She also assured that she would do anything possible to raise the enormous fund needed to treat Pedro.

When Joaquina was worried about the depressed state of Pedro, Luisa said she felt it was her late mum, even from the grave that was still tormenting her father. Joaquina implore her to let Amelia's soul rest in peace. Luisa replied sarcastically, saying: "...Do you really think so?" When she lamented that her mom never really loved him, Joaquina reminded her that it was Pedro's choice, to stick to such weird relationship.

The amnesia of Don has worsened his state, he became aggressive with every one, including Rigoberto. He threatened to call police to arrest Chante, the plumber who was the son of the cook, Camilla. He did not recognise anybody! Consuela came downstairs with a bottle pills which she claimed was the prescribed drug she had bought for Don, (this is a lie). She said nobody but she alone would administer the drug on the old man. (I fear oo). Could it be just an analgestic or even a slow poison? I don't trust this snake called Consuelo.

For one week now Luisa Fernanda has missed lectures at the university because of the tragic occurences in her life. Pedro went wild, shouting that he was not crazy, when luisa told him that he would have to be moved to a mental hospital.

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