Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Episode 40: Driven By Love

He was an undergraduate, the only son of a middle-class corporate lady of taste, who happens to be the secretary of the Metropolitan Bank. His mother has a high expectation of him. In fact, she wanted him to complete his University education and take up a good job that would guarantee his upward mobility into the 'happening' class. Alas! he has been striken by a love thunderbolt, this cupid thunder has shattered the elitist dreams of his mother. Love-drunk Ceasar came to Marissa with one desperate request: To be a house servant (driver, mehanic, gardener...), anything to her, so long as it would keep him close to, and under the same roof with Clarita, his fiancee, who is Marissa's house-maid. What a fairy!

Ceasar has good eyes, Clarita is a bundle of beauty. Under the uniform of a house-maid lies an enchanting body that, even the best designers in the world would crave to model their fabric works of artistry. Clarita is ever joyful and compassionate lover. She has a penetrating intelligence that could see through the veneer of a classy and elegant ex-Miss Universe. From the beginning, she knew that Jennifer de la Vega was a farce, a woman without virtue. She is unbelieveably humble and honorable. Can you imagine her requesting Carlos (who is only a few years older than her), to be the 'father-of-the-bride' on her wedding day, to give her away to her husband? I am humbled by Clarita's virtue. A maid in Mexico with a heart of a virtuous queen. Jennifer Lopez' classic "Maid in Manhattan" is being reprised in this telenovela.

Luis Alejandro came face-to-face with a 20-year secret that he is now desperately seeking for..., ... but could not recognize it. all he saw was a gold-digger who squandered his money. He didn't see Amelia's face in his daughter: Luisa Fernanda. Lic Ordonez came to the hospital too, but interrupted what could have been an explosive encounter between Luisa Fernanda and her biological father, Luis Alejandro Montero. The appearance of Lic Ordonez scared L.A. who is a man of hideous past, he quickly withdew from the hospital and went to Consuela's house. Lic assured Luisa Fernanda that the bank would pick up the hospital bill of Pedro because of the loving memory of her sweet mother, Amelia. Lic is one man that death cheated: by licking away his fondness, called Amelia.

Marissa hired a private detective, Fransisco Guiterez, supplied by Lic Ordonez to watch out her husband and find any incriminating evidence of adultery in his life (I presume to use as evidence for divorce). When the detective shared the info with Lic, he was happy that Marissa eyes have finally been opened to the "... double-faced" con-lover, Luis Alejandro.

L.A. went to Consuela to seek her help to find out if it is true that Pedro really attempted suicide. He said that evidence would be enough for him to file a law suit to claim his daughter from Pedro, who, because of his presumed mental instability, would be incapable of taking care of Luisa Fernanda. Foolishness seems to be dodging every step of L.A. How could he in the world expect his proven enemy and blackmailer (Consuelo Alcantara), to turn in a report that would sink her ambition of inheriting Don's fortune?

Pancho came to the hospital too to challenge Pedro to live and not die, because of his daughter's love for him and because of loved ones like Mrs Marissa and others who have come to the hospital to support him with their solidarity. On his way out, he saw Suzanna, Pedro's secret lover of 10 years running. pancho advised her not to show her face to Pedro because he is a very depressed man who cannot be cheered up. Faces of loved ones only served to provoke more agony for him.

Jennifer de la Vega just won a contract with an international advertising agency to be their spokesperson. But her joy was not full because there was no Carlos to share it with. Carolina came back from the university with her boyfriend to introduce to Jenny. As soon as Jenny went out for her appointment, the two love-birds jumped on Jenny's bed for love-making. A few hours later, Jenny came back and caught them in the 'act'. She was mad and jealous with the duo perhaps because she had no lover and the vacum of her bed being 'hijacked' by her sister and her lover. She chased the boyfriend out and sent carolina packing out of her house, saying: " can't stay here anymore" Carolina was crestfallen...

Don Fernando gave hope to Carlos as he poured out his pain of presumed loss of his girlfriend, to the old man. Ooh he wept for the 'loss', he admitted his error, saying he wanted to eat his cake and have it at the same time. Don told him to weep and exhaust himself, that is how to be a man, he said. That is how to pour out his burden. Don mourned with him, but encouraged him that by next time, he would bring good news of reconciliation with his girlfriend to him, that he should not give up.

Consuelo sprung another masterpiece in evil subtlety tonite, when Rigoberto came to challenge her to divulge the content of her secret meeting with Luis Alejandro in Don's study. Without blinking, she impulsively lied to old Rigo that L.A. went to check on Amelia to ask her why she did not come again for her planned re-union with her father, only to be told that Amelia and her daughter died in a car accident on the day they were coming to meet Don. When Rigo asked for Pedro to confirm the truth, she told her additional lies that, Pedro had committed suicide because of the death of Amelia and her daughter, and all of them had been buried.

Rigo broke down into uncontrollable weeping, she said a mass must be organised in their memory. She also asked to be taken to the grave where they were buried so she can pay her last respect. Consuela made her to swear that she would not disclose the deaths to Don because it could cause him to suffer a heart-attack.

Few hours later while Rigo was still mourning. Don asked Consuela why Rigo was crying about the house like a maniac. Consuela characteristically again, lied to Don, saying that Rigo must have been mourning for her cousin that was on death bed. She also advised that Don should retire rigo and sent her away to her hometown, because she is too old, tired and worn out, and not as efficient as before. Don objected to her evil counsel.

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