Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Episode 42: Quit Notice!!!

Thank God, AIT came back from slumbering (sorry, Prof from B.U.K called it Amnesia) tonite. We pray that she would live up to her responsibility in the future by being accountable to the sophisticated audience of the telenovelas, particularly, "La Hija del Jardinero" (the gardener's daughter). Afterall, we are neither a dumping ground nor a brickwall that deserves no attention. We have guests from over 70 countries that visit this blog. This blog cannot but reflect what the AIT potrays. Next time AIT should endeavour to be a good ambassador of Nigeria by consistent and responsible attitude to the audience.

This new week promises to be a week of Riddance. I am not sure if all the planned riddance are good or not. Consuela wants Rigoberto out of the house and out of her live. She warned L.A. to help her get rid of Rigo and if he refuses, she said she would have to get someone to get rid of the old, and stubbornly righteous Rigo. The wind of riddance would blow against Heriberto too later this week, he may be thrown out of of the mansion of the Alcantara for being caught by Don in a sexual escapade with his mistress, Virginia. The most interesting of all the "riddances" is that of Luis Alejandro Montero. Marissa served him a quit notice tonite after she received the report of Detective Guiterez.

Guiterez was able to discover during investigation that L.A. rented a cosy and tastefully furnished apartment for a mistress called Andreina Torres. Marissa was heart-broken with a tearful evidence to show. She summoned courage and took decision to begin divorce proceedings against L.A, but first launched a bitter and atrocious warfare gainst L.A. and his concubine, Andreina. She got home and began to pack all L.A's belongings, saying she bought everything for him with her money, and he would not leave her house with anything; as he came with nothing, in the first instant. The full humiliation is reseved till next episode.

Pedro remains in high-tension melodrama, he accused Luisa of being just like her mother who didn't care a hoot for him. He was not happy with the support of Luisa for the doctors who seek to transfer him to the mental home. He had to be sedated to effect a peaceful transfer. Carlos was highly suspicious and unhappy with the unwritten ambition of his medical colleague, Alfredo Anzola towards Luisa Fernanda. I see him (Alfredo), as another Mr. Wonderful "Mariano Sans". who unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Paloma, taking advantage of the strain in the relationship of Diego and Paloma in the famed "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine).

Carlos had to go and dig into the background of Anzola from his senior colleague, Dr. Serrano. By the time he was done with hospital patients, he rushed out to the mental hospital, this time, not so much as being concerned for Pedro but more for Luisa Fernanda, he doesn't want the opportunist Psychiatrist, Alfredo to seduce innocent Luisa. By the time he got there, his worst fears seems to have been confirmed. He saw Luisa Fernanda weeping in the hands of Alfredo who was comforting her with a warm embrace. Carlos' eyes were glaring red with jealousy as he froze on the spot watching the drama. Next episode would tell us what happens next. I can forsee a physical combat between this two medical doctors in the nearest future over their love for L.F.

Jennifer dashed to Carlos office before he left for the mental hospital, taking advantage of the latest gossip of adultery and infidelity of L.A. as news to Carlos. After her gossip, she drew near Carlos to re-ignite her old flame but Carlos was cold as steak. He just waved her aside saying he had other things to attend to. He ushered her out of his office and rushed to the mental home for his true flame.

Jennifer warned Andreina that her game is up because Marissa is with full evidence gathered by a detective, of all her escapades with L.A. she advised Andreina to run out of town for a long vacation. Andreina went home to pack her things for the escape. Leopoldo came in and deciphered that she was on the run, but from what? Andreina confessed everything to Leopoldo and asked him if he still loves her and he said yes. He however advised her not to be a coward like L.A. that she should confront her problems instead of running away. The worst scenario that could happen is for Marissa to come and make noise and embarrass her in her apartment, after which he believes normalcy would be restored. Would she take this advise? next episode would determine that.

By the time Chante and Rigo recovered from the harassment of Don, the old man had disappeared from the house. He resurfaced at his offce at the steel factory. As he stormed into his office he caught Heriberto and Virginia in a sexual orgy, doing "their thing" on the flat table. He was mad with them and called them unprintable names. He called for the security officers to get them out of his office but those ones were reluctant. heriberto knew immediately that thge old man's amnesia has set in again. he pleaded with him that he misunderstood what he "saw". saying that he was his inlaw and vice-president of the steel factory... "I am Consuelo's husband..."

Consuela entered at that moment and Don recognised her. He first asked her if truly the fella was her husband which Consuela confirmed. Then he told Consuela of the shame and indignity which her husband was revelling in with a "slut" spreading her legs under him on his table. Consuela just ignored the distraction and was happy enough to get her father. she took him home with the new Will prepared by L.A. fresh under her armpit. Next episode would determine Heriberto's fate and whether the old man can be conned to sign the new Will.

There is one riddance or is it a nuisance now, that would not take no for an answer. That person is Vanessa Sotomayor, like Father; like daughter. She is an impostor and a leach that refuse to live in independent dignity. She came tonite from the university with her newest friend, (Luisa Fernanda seem to have become history for her). Looking for Carlos but missed him. She goes everywhere unashamedly introducing herself as Carlos' girlfriend. She heads for the mental hospital to catch Carlos there. Hope to see what happens next episode when she finds "Carlos".

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