Monday, October 23, 2006

Snippets of Episode 50 to 57

While enduring the interlude by AIT, I feel the best way to enjoy the break is to glean snippets of episodes of the Gardener's Daughter, (La Hija del Jardinero) soap opera, like I did last week, enjoy yourself with this. Be warned however that it does not represent the full version and it may be fraught with some inaccuracies because of the difficult comprehension of the translations from Spanish to English. I would not hesitate to delete these snippets as soon as AIT wakes up from her current slumber.

Episode 50:
With revelation of the truth of Luisa Fernanda's true identity being found out, zealous Rigoberto went to visit Pedro an the mental hospita. She told pedro the truth that Amelia was truly forgiven by her father and that the old man seeks to know his grand daughter now.

Because Carlos suspected 'foul play' in the administration of an ineffective drug by Consuela to Don, he took samples of the drug for test-analysis at the hospital. Consuela became afraid that her game was up.

Pedro escaped out of the Psychiatric hospital with the aid of his friends- Pancho and Ceasar. The carry-over of his resentment for L.A. must have spilled over to Carlos, he had a public and disgraceful fight with Carlos during the Bachelor's eve party for Ceasar. They were both arrested by the police and charged for public assault.

Episode 51:
The wedding ceremony of Ceasar and Clarita was the wonderful oppourtunity of reconciliation of the two enstranged love birds (Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda). Luisa Fernanda was the Chief Bride's maid, while Carlos played the role of "father of the bride". Vanessa and Jennifer were sad about this reconciliation. They continue to seek for ways and means of vengeance against L.F.

Desperate Consuela slipped through the crowd into Carlos Eduardo's room and stole the fake drugs that Carlos wanted to go and analyse in the medical laboratory of his hospital. She did this to prevent Carlos from finding out that she was the evil worker that did not want her father to recover from Amnesia.

Episode 52:
Pedro was destabilized with the news that Carlos and Luisa Fernanda have reconciled and are back togetrher as a couple. L.A. intoduced fake drugs into Marissa's drinks and took ill and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Doctors informed Carlos Eduardo that Marisa had "muscular dystrophy" a diesease of partial paralysis and needed to be taken to the U.S. for surgery.

Episode 53:
L. A. took advantage of Marissa's illness, pretended to be caring and loving, stood by her, begged her forgiveness and confessed to her thgat Andreina was trulty the concubine. Her heart melted and she forgave him and stopped the divorce proceedings. His real purpose was actually because of the statue of the bank which says that: in case of illness that incapacitates the president (Marissa), her husband Luis Alejandro, would act on her behalf during the period of her absence.

Episode 54:
Luis Alejandro told Andreina of his plan to kill Marissa and take over her fortune and he would now marry Andreina afterwards. Andreina became afraid of the impending crime of murder, she fled out of Mexico so that she would not be named as an accomplice of L.A.

Episode 55:
Consuela inspired and incited Vanessa to seek vengeance against L.F. by lying against her that she stole money from the house while she was an auxilliary nurse that cared for Don Fernando. The purpose was to send her to jail to take her out of the competitive platform for Carlos Eduardo's love.

Alfredo became bored with the game of secrecy concerning L.F's paternity, he threatened Sister Joaquina that he would tell L.F that her biological father is Luis Alejandro.

Episode 56:
The plot to jail L.F. was hatched as soon as Carlos escorted his sick mom out to Baltimore in the U.S. for surgery. The police swooped on L.F. arresting her for theft and burglary. Pedro became desperate, he went to Don to tell him to rescue L.F. but Don has lost his memory, he neither remembered Luisa Fernanda nor Pedro. So he disagreed and refused to help strangers.

L.F. was charged to court, Vanessa gave fabricated evidence of Consuela against L.F. Efforts by Rigoberto to save L.F from the gaol and prove her innocence by bringing Don to testify in favour of L.F failed because the old man did not remember anything. L.F was sent to 2-years imprisonment.

Episode 57:
Carlos Eduardo, in Baltimore, failed to communicate with Luisa Fernanda because of the calamity which his mom is going through. He did not know that L.F. had been sent to prison.

Just before the surgery, Marissa wrote her will. In it, she says that if she died as a result of the surgery carlos should inherit her fortune on one condition: that is if he did not marry the gardener's daughter- Luisa Fernanda.

The surgery was complicated and Marissa went into a long coma.


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i really love what you guys r doing ... i'm ademola salako in nigeria

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Your film is very good and enjoy every evening. However, the episode you sent up to 57 I have watched and the last one was when Carlos knew that Louisa was not married to that other guy pychiatric doc.

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it's great following up with this program.You are really doing a great job!