Friday, October 27, 2006

Episode 45: Tasking The Thief to Safeguard Your Property

I ask for your forgiveness for not being around over the weekend to post friday's episode and our week 10 weekend review. Had to travel to Benin, (Mid-West or is it now South-South Nigeria), for a family function. I am back, safe and sound, I promise to make up for the ga..p this week. Love to all our "gardeners". I have a lot of very enlightened mails from several countries, including Nigeria, I hope to use next weekend to answer to the querries.

Pedro showed us on Friday that there is a very thin line that divides virulent obsession and insanity. That episode also showed us that the telenovela of the gardener's daughter is all about a protracted battle between the "Manipulators" and the "Manipulated"! That is the broad categories that the actors are divided. Once in a while, a sprinkle of people defected to either side but that has not changed the color of this TV soap opera.

Pedro has swung fully to the side of the manipulators, he hides the truth of the root cause of his depression. many wrongly thought that it was the death of Amelia. Pedro has asecret lover (Suzana) of 10 years. He was not that much of a saint concerning his matrimonial wows to Amelia. His real problem was his OBSESSION with loosing L.F. to Luis Alejandro. His avowed hatred for Carlos was not because he double-dated L.F. and Jenny at the same time. His mortal fear was that Carlos is related to L.A. his mortal enemy, therefore Carlos must have nothing to do with L.F period!

He has assigned the Psychiatrist- Alfredo, to keep Carlos out of the hospital and prevent him from coming near Luisa Fernanda , by every means possible. What an unusual candidate for an unusual assignment. Alfredo is after L.F and want to marry her. His only obstacle to that ambition is CARLOS EDUARDO! With this new assignment Pedro has only succeeded in adding petrol into fire. Love cannot be imprisoned, no artificial boundary can separate true love. Love cannot be banned nor banished! Love would conquer hatred and manipulation ultimately, if not at the begining.

Consuela succedded in manipulating her father to sign the new Will that names her as the heiress to the Don Alcantara fortune.

Carlos came back home to meet the mess of drunkeness that his mom and Jenny had sunk into. he never failed to tell Jenny to have a shred of dignity by stopping her latest attitude of introducing herself all over town as his girlfriend. He told her that the pregnancy lie was enough damage.

Marissa swore to leave L.A. penniless and she achieved that albeit temporarily. L.A. was humiliated at a boutique when all the new dress he bought could not be paid for with his 'bounced' credit cards. he was simply told that the primarycard holder has cancelled his credits......


I hope to complete this later to attend to some things first. thanks.


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