Monday, October 30, 2006

Episode 46: The Litmus Test of Love

Tonite's episode tested the depth of Luisa Fernanda's love for Carlos Eduardo. Carlos warned her that Alfredo is in love with her and that he was and would do anything to turn L.F. against him. L.F. denied it, saying that Alfredo was just another dedicated professional who is absorbed with his work. Carlos justified his suspicion with his first impression of Alfredo, on the first day when he met him. He said: "...I saw how he devoured you with his eyes, that first day,.... he wants to manipulate you against me..." When it appears that L.F. seem to be adamant in her ignorant defence of Alfredo, Carlos challenged her saying: "... If you don't want to see me again, tell me from the bottom of your heart that you don't love me, then, I would go..."

Luisa Fernanda was hesitant... (I wondered, if she would fail this litmus test of true love). She has no words in her mouth... Carlos challenged her again with the truth saying: "... you can't do it!... you can't say that, because you still love me with the same intensity that I love you..." He grabbed her and planted his mouth upon hers, she initially resisted, but later flowed with the romantic rhythm, she was trembling with ectasy in his hands,... at that point, he declared to her that: " are mine!... you are mine!" Sis Joaquina interrupted the flow with her unannounced entry into Pedro's house.

The nun protested the 'unholy' sight. She accused Carlos of wanting to take advantage of L.F. being alone at home. Carlos told her of his noble intentions towards L.F. and would never do anything that would harm her. Sister Joaquina dismissed Carlos. After he left, she quarrelled with L.F. for encouraging amorous affairs with Carlos. L.F. confessed to her that. L.F. replied saying: "... Aunty, yes, but it was a moment of weakness..." Joaquina advised her to come to grips with reality, saying: "... you can't keep on fighting your feelings for him..." L.F. declared that she would never reconcile with Carlos Eduardo.

Consuela is under pressure of Solozano's blackmail. She came to L.A's office handing over the new Will signed by Don to him. She wants to collect 200,000 Dollars from the company's account to pay the blackmail ransome. L.A. explained to her that it was foolish and naive of her to expect immediate cash from the Will. He told her that the Will is not a power of attorney for her to begin to spend the fortune of Don. He told her that she would have to wait till Don dies before the Will takes effect.

In the midst of their discussion, A lawyer from Marissa's bank arrived and served a verbal notice of eviction on Luis Alejandro. L.A. told him that this was his office and it was ridiculous for anyone to ask him quit the office. The lawyer explained to him that the Rent and office expenses were all in Marissa's name and she wanted him out of the office within 24 hours! L.A. pleaded for time to communicate with marissa to resolve the eviction notice amicably. The lawyer warned him that, if he did not resolve it by the next day he would come with an order of eviction signed by a judge, first thing in the morning.

Consuela mocked him for his calamity. She even offered to help him with accomodation in the guest room in her father's mansion. He rejected her sympathetic undertaker's offer.

At the mental hospital, Pedro, in an unguarded moment, told Alfredo that Carlos was a spoilt brat who wanted to take advantage of L.F. like his father took advantage of Amelia! When he realised what he just said, it was too late to retract, as Alfredo asked him if Carlos Eduardo's father knew Amelia his late wife. Pedro noded and said both men were really despicable and that both were "twisted" on the inside. He explained that L.A. took advantage of Amelia when they were young.

Carlos met and reported Alfredo to Dr. Serrano, their senior colleague. He said: "... though your prodigy may be a Magne con laude, but he does not have a bit of professional ethic." Carlos told him how Alfredo was using Pedro's illness to manipulate his girlfriend, Luisa Fernanda, against him. he asked Serrano to tell Alfredo to be careful because he would from now keep an eye on him.

L.F. came in company of Joaquina to visit Pedro at the mental hospital and she challenged Alfredo to tell her what has been going on between him and Carlos Eduardo. Alfredo referred to him as a "spoilt brat"- exact words as Pedro's.

Ceasar approached his mother, Lupe, with the news of the year: "... I came to let you know that I am going to get married next week!" Lupe was downcast, because she knew that Ceasar's mind is made up. Nothing could deter him from marrying the love of his life- CLARITA.

Carlos received a message left by Rigoberto, requesting him to come and examine his patient Don Fernando Alcantara. He went and met the old man. Don complained that the drug prescribed by carlos's senior colleague has been embarassingly making him to be heavily drowsy, like a zombie. carlos promised to meet again with the Physician to find out why that should be so.

Later when Don asked him about his girlfriend, carlos expressed his fear that L.F. has a new admirer now. The old man advised him not to let jealousy take over his life.; he also assured him that if his girlfriend truly loves him, she won't succumb to the manipulative schemes of another man. He made him promised that when they fully reconcile, he would bring his girlfriend to visit Don.

After several phonecalls to Marissa by a desperate L.A, (she refused to pick any of his SOS calls) L.A. went out of his office and surfaced in Carlos Eduardo's hospital. He accused him of inciting Marissa to cancel his credit cards, eject him from the office and from his matrimonial home, saying: "...Marissa doesn't have that kind of intelligence or courage to do that kind of thing..." carlos was angry with this accusation and he pulled out his punch and landed a devastating blow (this is fast becoming a tradition during arguements betwen them) on his face and turned to go back into the hospital, L.A smartened up and pulled out a pistol and pointed it in readiness to pull the trigger on Carlos saying: "...I'm going to have the last word..."

Carlos was surprised but calm, looking at L.A .... Would L.A. pull the trigger? Would he kill Carlos? What would happen? Would a divine rescue appear from the blues to save Carlos? Next Episode would tell.

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