Friday, October 06, 2006

Kevin Rose Revs Up to Front Page of Digg's Top Users

Millionaire web guru, Kevin Rose, for the first time in my recent memory rose up today to the first page of Digg's Top 30 users. With 73 stories submitted in four days, and all 73 got to the front page. At this rate, if he maitains his undented and impeccable record of 100% Popular ratio, which is a rare feat for all the 29 top users above him, he would soon catch up with and overtake digitalgopher, the Top User #1 in the next eight weeks.

Four days ago, he had only 90 stories that were on front page, and was not among the Top 30 Users of page 1. He seems to be telling us that, the time is ripe for him to take what rightfully belongs to him, afterall he has more profile views than the next 20 people above him put together.

The recent rise of digg as a social phenomenon, particularly since April this year when her Alexa Rankings leaped and quadrupled from 2,000 reach per million users to over 8,000 per million users.

up to and has not come down is part of what is swelling Rose's profile views. Everybody wants to know the man behind the waves. for a man making a cool 250,000 dollars per month from his website ads served mainly by Google, it is noteworthy that he is taking a good opportunity of this latest rise ro rev up his speed to the top of the biggest league earners.

Congrats Kevin!