Monday, October 30, 2006

Snippets 61

The restaurant drama is a true test of deep love. L.F showed by her jealous disposition that she is still deeply in love with Carlos Eduardo. L.A was reluctant to follow the suggestion of Consuela to burgle into Carlos room to steal the fake drug that Carlos wanted to go and test in the lab. He eventually agreed with Consu on the evil mission. After picking the bottle of pills and as they were leaving the empty mansion of Marissa, the crowd arrived from the church wedding for the reception and were shocked to find Consuela and L.A in the house. They lied to Marissa that they had come for the reception and nobody suspected them of their evil mission. They mixed with the winning and dinning crowd.

Vanessa got news about the Clarita-Caesar wedding and was determined to attend because of Carlos Eduardo. the wedding was an opportunity for partial reconciliation between Carlos and L.F. they publicly kissed. Jenny and Alfredo, two ambitious schemers who never wished for their reconciliation, became very hot with jealousy, because of the reconciliation.

Alfredo did not stay long at the reception, he was afraid of being attacked by Carlos Eduardo. He avoided L.F and went back to the mental hospital to manipulate Pedro against L.F. and Carlos. He told Pedro that L.F and C.E has reconciled and both were currently at the wedding reception in Carlos Eduardo's house. Pedro lost his appetite for food and was boiling with anger.

Leopoldo called on Andreina to explain his side of the story, he tried without success to convince Andreina that he was not involved in the allegation of corruption and that it was a political vendetta. He got sympathy of Andreina but not her conviction to depart from L.A.

By the time Carol and Armando arrived at the reception, all guests were surprised at the striking resemblance between L.A and Armando. L.A too was surprised that Armando resembled him too much.

Marissa introduced Consuela to Lic Ordo'ñez. While they were chatting, Lic mentioned that he first heard about her through a detective named Solórzano. She pretended, feigning ignorance, saying she never knew anybody by that name.

As C.E pleaded with L.F to forgive him, Carol, encouraged by, and in the company of Jennifer, angrily came to insult L.F while she was reconcilling with Carlos. Carol called her names and accused her of being a boyfriend-snatcher. L.F was angry and she was leaving the reception but Carlos ran after her, he pleaded with her to come back to the reception and ignore the nuisance of carol. She agreed and came back with Carlos, and forgave him finally. Carlos later confesses to Consuela at the party that he is in love with L.F.

Don Fernando had another fit of mental disturbances, Rigo had to call the Specialist, Dr.Arreola, because she could not get Carlos online due to the wedding reception. When Consuela arrived, Dr. Arreola questioned her on the strange side-effects of the drug that he prescribed to Don.

Vanessa arrived at the reception to the Surprise of Carlos. Jennifer tried to collude with Vanessa telling her that Carlos and L.F had reconciled at the church wedding and that they even kissed publicly.

Nana Rosario proposed a toast at the end of the reception and the newly married couple, after kissing, left for their honeymoon at an hotel. Luisa Fernanda accepts and Eduardo reconciles with Carlos.

A mutual friend and colleague, Nicholas, advised Lucero to drop her fantasy of marriage or befriending Armando because it would fail.

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