Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week 7: Weekend Review

Two sceptres ruled the five episodes of last week in "The Gardener's Daughter" telenovela:

  • The discovery of Amelia,
  • The exposure and disgrace of Jennifer de la Vega.
The racy week further produced the planned re-union of Amelia with her father, an elaborate family dinner that was aborted by the tragic accident of Amelia and daughter, Luisa. This also led Don, unknowingly to the clinic, where they were rushed to after the accident. His purpose was to meet his young doctor friend, Carlos Eduardo, to cry on his shoulder, because his daughter did not show up as planned.

Marissa, the elegant and noble banker, President of the Metropolitan Bank conglomerate, is one woman with two terrible weaknesses and therefore two mistakes in life:
  • Emotional blindness, that led her into a compromising marriage to Luis Alejandro Montero, an emotional hitch-hiker and romantic schemer;
  • Emotional gulibility, that led her to embrace and associate with dubious Jennifer de la Vega, whose true desire was to lay hold on her wealth, through a desperate marriage to her son.
The chain would naturally break at its weakest point. Marissa's destiny was haunted by this naive weakness points later in her life. For me, it is 'crime' enough to love two villains (Jenny and L.A.), given her banking background of probity and honesty. Birds of the same feather flock together, Marissa is in a class of her own- a class of nobility, it is an irony that the people she "flocked" with are emotional 419s.

Pedro Perez is one other fellow that left a bad taste in my mouth. He lived a life of fantasy for 2 deacades that never became a reality. If 18 years was not enough to win the love of any woman, particularly under the same roof, that can no longer be love or even infatuation, it has become a debilitating OBSESSION!

His obsession has become selfishness. Life cannot be chained and imprisoned. Life is a continum and always ever in progress. Pedro seeks to stop the globe from turning on its axis. He doesn't want Amelia to go back to her father because he may lose both Luisa Fernanda and Amelia to the truth. The truth of Luisa's biological fatherhood.

There is no vacum in life, after about 8 years of "frozen ice" relationship called 'marriage', Pedro allowed himself to be melted by the fiery passion of Suzanna, his secret lover in a 10-year romance. I think that is when he should have called it quits, with Amelia; but he hung on in his obsession that Amelia, the spoiled brat, proud and ungrateful for little mercies, would one day, love him back. Their final separation was a crushing blow for Pedro. He could have avoided that heavy blow if he had looked elsewhere for true love.

Whatever you love, you let go, if it is truly yours, it would come back. To keep what you love in prison or in a cage, because of your fear of losing it, is not true love. Instead of fighting L.A. over Luisa Fernanda's paternity, what I feel he should have done is to call Luisa aside and tell her the whole truth 'and nothing but the truth'. that would have been better than manipulating her life with half-truths by him and Amelia. that was why I consider their attitude in relation to Luisa Fernanda asd selfish.


Emmanuel A. Olofin said...

I find the soap very intriguing. It seems I am so involved with the plot and have associated with Calos and Luisa that I empathy with their disappointments and happiness. I salute the script-writer. However, why do we have to drag these soaps so long? "Because You are Mine" lasted more than a year, in spite of five/week posting, when possible? Are there so many harmfullies in the world?

Emmanuel A. Olofin said...

I have just read the week-end summary and would like to disagree with certain comments, particularly on the character of Pedro. I wonder if the commentator knows very much about what you call love. The fact that Amelia agreed to marry him gives room for that hope, so is the fact that he grows very fond of Luisa, that Amelia was willing to give out in adoption. If we call Pedro's love obseesion, what is that of Amelia who holds on to a dream - a dream violently shattered when LA could not even recognize her. What does he think about Amelia's snobbish, spoilt rich-girl disposition? A very ungrateful woman too.

Dipo Tepede said...

Wow, such great effort to write this.

You must really love this novella.

Great work, madam!

Anonymous said...

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Nuru said...

This is nice for WAHM! Keep it up Phil, I think all women who stays at home should follow your example..women don't just stay at home do something!!!

onuabuchi linda c said...

The soap is dearing especially calos and luisa. I hope that the cat will be let out in due time.I dont call what pedro feels for luisa love rather selfishness. If he loves her let him tell her at least the truth about his grandfather. I also wish Jenny remain a looser.

onuabuchi c. l.