Monday, October 09, 2006

The Nairaland Effect!

In the world of social networking sites like MySpace, You Tube, Slashdot and others, Digg is King! The reason being the dizzying traffic that Digg brings your way, whenever the users popularly vote (Dugg), any story from your site. We had and still have a local version of "Digg Effect" today, since morning, when the Administrator of Nairaland, Seun Osewa, anchored and linked The Gardener's Daughter Blog on the front page of the Nairaland Forum, for his over 58,000 regsitered users and inummerable guests. As at the last count traffic from Nairaland has quadruppled their normal flow to our blog. Seun, that's a big treat coming from a Prodigy and fountain of youthful enterprise of your status. Thanks for your endorsements and solidarity with the "Gardener's family" here. On behalf of Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo, we love to say thank you. I just was not able to capture the full screenshot well the first time, so I had to delete the first post. Below is how I saw the link on Nairaland's Front Page today:

Welcome to the Nairaland Forum, which hosts a dynamic
community of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria.
Featured Forum Links (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
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'Unveil Me, My Love', A Novel For Sale
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Link: Gardener's Daughter Blog!
For Sale: One Generator, Two Motorcycles, One Car
Soap-making Business
What Was The Last Book You Read?
Do Nigerians Read?
hatred of white people is not equal to love for black people!
Inter-tribal Relationships
Do Nigerian Stars Fly First Class?
What's Your Best Movie?
'The Aireginan Dream': A Novel
Does 'Home Advantage' Exist In Football?
Link: Interview With The Administrator Of Nairaland
At What Age Can A Girl Start Using Make-up?
Nigerian Recipes
Is It Wrong To Work In A Brewery Or Tobacco Company?
Most Nollywood Actors And Actresses Are Poor?
Current Nigerian Soap Operas
Can A Woman Propose To A Man?
Nigerian Rapper Needs Record Deal
'The Radical Party' Story (A Screenplay)
Nollywood Script Available
Is Babangida Innocent Of All Allegations?
Jobs At INEC In All The 36 States
Solution To The Niger Delta Crisis?
'Skentele' President 2007: A Comic Strip
Please Review This: Mary Abraham, 'One Girl Army' (A Story)
'Victims Of Circumstances' Story: Novel Or Home Video?
Would You Break Up With A Boyfriend Who Smokes Marijuana?
J.T Tom West Is Gone
Nokia Silverbird Danceathon Participants Have Smashed The World Record!
I Got A Job At Virgin Nigeria Through Nairaland
The Collapse Of Gusau Dam (Zamfara)
Why Are Cyber-Cafe Computers So Difficult To Use?
Atiku's Aide Shot Dead By Police
Another Story: The 'Kalakala Chronicles'
Independence Day: Nigeria At 46: Hurray?
Your Marital Status? (Poll)
J.T Tom West
Nigerian Home Video Titles
Age Barriers To Graduate Employment In Nigeria
Nollywood Insider Directory
The Fear Of EFCC
Printer Technician Wanted At Sango Ota
3 Bedroom Apartment Needed
To Become A Video Editor
Christians And Moslems Can Be Friends!
Is God Really Omniscient (All-Knowing)?
Finally: 8 Nigerian Governors Under Investigation, 9 Indicted By EFCC
Jobs At PHCN
Nigerian Artistes And Poor Live Performances
I Need A 3D Instructor
Where To Get Software For A Macintosh?
PC Specs For Serious Gaming?
Best Home Internet Service In Nigeria?
AMD vs Intel: Which Is Better?
Bleach Mania (Anime)
Best Nigerian Comedies?
Cars For Sale
For Fans Of Sports Like Football
What Kind Of Gift Do Ladies Appreciate?

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