Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week 8: Weekend Review

The week that just ended was dominated by Marissa and Luis Alejandro Montero. I have always called and discribed Marissa Gomez Ruiz as a woman of nobility. Though she had this inherent weakness of gullibility, therefore susceptible to manipulation by cunning associates and relatives. For one, her gullible disposition did not match the expected shrewdess of a banker, a President of a bank for that matter. If we use the yardstick of her success in running the conglomerate like her Metropolitan Bank for the last 20 years, to measure her failings in romantic and love affairs, then one can conclude that the author of the original and full story of "la Hija del Jardinero", Mariela Romero, left a huge gap in the character of Kenya Gascon a.k.a "Marissa Gomez".

This unbalanced character made me to digg deeper into her role from the beginning, and guess what I found? Marissa's nobility is a recent phenomenon, perhaps because of age, growth and greater responsibilities placed on her shoulders. At the begining, Marissa was a ruthless schemer, in the calibre of Jennifer. I ask myself, what sort of true love would propel a single-parent widow, in her late thirties to 'hoodwink' a boy (University student), of 20 years old into marriage, and never disclose to him before marriage that she had no womb, so, no child-bearing or rearing? That was nothing but a recipe for future matrimonial disaster that would be triggered by adulterous 'flings' by an insecure and unfaithful husband- Luis Alejandro Montero.

If you call that infatuation, I would declare to you that, it is an excuse for 'emotional robbery'. All the adversities that our dear and noble Marissa is facing now, and would still face in this telenovela, were as a result of the youth of Luis Alejandro Montero which she 'stole', some twenty years ago. Luis Alejandro could not be excused as a 'victim' in this drama. My husband even had a little sympathy for him, but not me. Why? because, with his eyes wide open, he surrendered his youth and freedom for a rich woman's body, in the name of love.

He too schemed his way into Marissa's heart. If truly he loved Marissa, he would have sat down with her during courtship to chart out their future matrimony, and naturally, child-bearing issues would have been a pivotal part of that discussion. Had he known that Marissa was wombless and still proceeded with the wedding, then he would naturally have taken the whole blame today. It a case of "cunning man die, cunning woman buried him". Marissa is reaping deception and trauma today because she sowed it first, some twenty years ago.

I am not at home with the cowardly Pedro in every respect. I abhor his methodology of evasive and escapist attitude to fundamental matters of life. The latest example of this attitude was when the revelation by Marissa to him that Luis Alejandro Montero was her cheating husband. What you fail to tackle now would later grow into a monster to torment you. I expected him to have punctured the 20-year hypocritical balloon Luis Alejandro, by telling Marissa that L.A was the man who impregnated Amelia and the product today is Luisa Fernanda. He should have also told Marissa, now that it seems she is 'jelly' for him, that his marriage to Amelia was a complete farce.

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