Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome Rambo IV and Rocky VI

Oscar and Academy award-winning action movie hero, Sylvester Stallone has donned the red bandana and boxing glove again, this time to resurrect the legend that these two movies have established in the heart of fans and foes world-wide. We captured this news from our new sister blog devoted to this thriller movie icon Sylvester Stallone

Though ageing, he celebrated his 60th birthday last July, he was the magnetic cynosure in the city of Philadepia last week when the City Museum re-commissioned his almost 9ft bronze statue as a symbol of acceptance of the fighting spirit of Philadepia- the city of "Smoking Joe", Joe Frazier, lengendary boxer. With the sound track of ROCKY movie thick in the atmosphere, and in the background throughout the ceremony, the chants of Rocky! Rocky!! Rocky!!! rented the air by enthusiastic crowd of fans who thronged the venue from far and wide, by air and by land, to catch a live glimpse of their hero at the commissioning ceremony.

In a post titled Rocky Forever! we depicted how fans would never cease to appreciate a good film and a talented actor or actress who adds value to life with the message of inspiration, courage, true love and victory that all his movies evoke. From Rocky I to VI and the audience is not tired of consumption. In fact Rocky I - V has been reproduced in DVDs and is still a hot cake among movie lovers in the U.S today. So if Rocky VI becomes a success, then get ready for Rocky 7,... ROCKY Forever!!!

The return of Rocky VI may as well be the tonic of inspiration for 48-year old Tim Whitherspoon, former World Heavy Weight Boxing champion who is dreaming of coming out of retirement to don the gloves again. he is still younger than Nigeria's Bash Ali, who is still trading punches and wants to equal American George Foreman's record.

We promise to keep tabs on the news as it moves to a climax by December/January for all Fans of Sylvester Stallone on our sister blog.

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