Saturday, October 21, 2006

Week 9: Weekend Review

I had called the week that just ended, a week of unfolding secrets..., but AIT made it a week of aborted secrets. Three episodes of the Gardener's Daughter out of the expected five shown, saliently pointed in that direction.

Luisa Fernanda was the epicenter of all the secrets. Pedro, Consuelo, Luis Alejandro, Andreina, Jennifer, and Joaquina were the custodians of the different parts of a 20-year secret that has caused untold clamities in the life of Luisa Fernanda and Marissa Gomez.

Some of those secrets have begun to unfold in the three episodes that was shown during the week, but they were aborted when AIT refused to come out of a deep slumber from Thursday night. A 'gardener' from Kano, Nigeria, precisely a Professor from Bayero University, Kano, wrote my husband to let us know that the Nigerian entertainment Tse-tse fly had bitten the AIT too. He said it was not only over La hija del Jardinero (The Gardener's daughter), but also over another telenovela called "Lorenzo's wife" (La Mujer de Lorenzo), which, he said have entered repeated reverse gear of 'sleeping sickness' for the past 5 weeks on AIT.

So much for home television entertainment, as championed by the AIT. The heart of this telenovela is 'control of secrets'. Those who have knowledge over the secrets control and manipulate those who were ignorant of the secrets. The duration of this telenovela is determined by when the Full secrets would be revealed either by the custodians, or when the desperate seekers of the secrets are able to strike the truth.

Pedro was not really mental as people around him thought. It was the secret that he haboured for too long and refused to let go when it was over-due, that was tormenting him, and, I'm afraid his case would continue to deteriorate until he divulges the secret, which he does not have any moral rights over again, but to le let go. I am convinced that even if L.F knows about the truth that L.A is her father, she would not jump on the neck of that villain and kiss him. Why then should a Pedro not have a deep re-think over the matter. The obvious reason is because he felt guilty fo having witheld the secrets of Luisa Fernanda's paternity for too long, particularly after Amelia's death.

Consuela drew the ire of many righteous lovers of the Mexican Telenovela during the week, with her evil tricks. Lovers can't wait long enough for her divine punishment, for the turmoils she wrought in the life of her father, Rigo, L.F. and others.

It was also a week of agony for Marissa and Carlos Eduardo. Luisa Fernanda's heart rending declaration was the climax of his agony, and I am sure many of us empathise with Carlos. He has confessed that he missed it. He wanted two women in his life, one to massage his ego and manhood, while the other, to emotionally stir him with her innocence and true love. With his decision to forgo Jenny, I just pray that Luisa Fernanda would not 'over-react' and blow her opportunity for true re-union with Carlos.

Marissa's agony was the realisation of a 20-year fraud, whom she called a loving husband. It was much burden for her to bear when she finally realised that her hubby was an adulterer, a con-lover of two decades.

I am not comfortable with this Dr. Alfredo Anzola. He is too opportunistic, presumtious and restless for my liking. If Luisa falls for him in preference to Carlos, it would be tragic. His ambition is written all over his acts and his face. Was it a girlfriend that brought him here or the critical case of a patient? It is too sudden and aggressive for him to insinuate friendship and informalism with Luisa.

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