Thursday, November 02, 2006

Episode 48: No Criminal, No Crime

Consuela has earned her reputation as the 'BAD GIRL' of this telenovela. We now know the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of workers payroll money from the safe. It was an evil compromise between her and her hubby, Heriberto, who gave her the combination numbers of the safe. She went there and simply opened the safe and stole the 200,000 Dollars. She deftly used one stone to kill two birds, and she almost succeeded.

After the detectives have grilled both Virginia and Heriberto, Consuela insisted that the ONLY suspect is Virginia, because her husband is the boss here and he is trusted by her father. She hinted that Virginia may be having domestic economic problems that tempted her to steal the money. She suggested to the detectives to arrest and torture her to confess where she took the money to.

As the detectives made moves to arrest Virginia, she held unto Don's jacket and made a compassionate and heart-rending appeal to Don. She was so honest to the point of confessing her 'sin' of sleeping with Heriberto on the table, when the old man caught them sometimes ago, she said she was not perfect but she has never taken a pencil without Don's permission in her 10 years meritorious service to the company. Don was touched by her honest 'imperfection' and transparency. Don asked them to apply the breaks and leave her alone. He said he withdrew any charge of theft against her but they should continue their investigation since, acording to him: "... there can't be a crime without a criminal."

Luisa Fernanda was rescued by Molina's wife, who already knew about the amorous exploits of her hubby. She warned L.F. to run for her dear life before she is defiled like other young ladies by her hubby. L.F. took flight out of the hardware strore. She swore after getting out calling Molina a sick bastard, old pig and animal. She even contemplated pressing charges sexual harassment and attempted rape against Molina.

Dr. Serrano was warning Alfredo not to meddle with Luisa Fernanda because of her relationship with Carlos Eduardo. Alfredo dismissed the warning, saying L.F. is no longer interested in any relationship with Carlos. He even told Serrano that apart from her father being his patient, L.F. is a close and personal friend of his. Serrano alerted him that Carlos was threatening to file complaints against him at the medical board, for unethical conduct with his patient's relatives. He dismissed the threat as empty.

L.F. came into Alfredo's office to interrupt his chat with Serrano. After Serrano left, L.F told Alfredo how she was almost raped by Molina and how one huge woman suspected to be his wife came ro rescue her. They were both laughing and excited in each other's company when Carlos came in unnoticed by them. By the time they realised that he was in the office, he requested to see Pedro and Alfredo told him that he forbids his visit. It was almost turning into a big row when L.F called Carlos out to talk to him. She told him that Pedro is always upset because he thinks Carlos wants to take advantage of her, having cheated on her before with Jennifer.

Carlos was furious and he challenged L.F. asking her: "...Is that why you want to replace me with Alfredo? look, no matter how much that idiot brainwashes you, I am the one that truly love you... don't you see the game he is playing you into?" He also accused her of going to a dinner date with Alfredo the previous night, she denied it and asked him where he got the information from, he told her that Vannessa supplied him with the info. He now compared how her Aunt Joaquina scolded him for visiting her alone at home, but now another man called Alfredo came to visit her ALONE at home and nobody is complaining again. He angrily turned back and walked away from her. Carlos scored a good point there, and that left L.F thinking over his warnings.

Later Alfredo escorted L.F. home, but because carlos had warned her, she refused to go inside the house with Alfredo, she stood outside at the balcony with him. Carlos Eduardo has become an obsession for Dr. Alfredo Anzola, anytime he is together with L.F, Carlos is always the object of his 'damaging treatment'. This time he asked her why she still kept up with Carlos aggressive behaviour. She told him that Carlos loved her and his so-called 'aggressivness' is just an expession of his love and jealousy for her. She even went further to tell Alfredo that she is still very much in love with Carlos.

Alfredo was shocked with L.F's strange confession, he now threw her another question saying: "... despite the fact that he cheated on you with another lady?" She replied: "... Yes, I've not stopped loving him, we love each other, if not for Jennifer's tricks to separate us, we would still be together, maybe time would heal the wound." What an incurable love! This was a great blow to the ambition of Alfredo, but he perfectly hid his disappointment from L.F. This is one cupid dieaseas too much for him to psycho-analyse or cure.

L.A appeared in court with handcuffs, after the consideration of the case by the presiding judge, he was given bail on self recognition and he paid for his bail while the susstantive case was adjourned. As he came out, he threatened Carlos with a show-down and attricious 'warfare' that he would ever regret.

Chante, the son of the second Cook in Don's house- Camilla, has caught the Pedro deadly dieseas. He has fallen head-long in love with Vanessa. He told his mom and the woman told him to forget it and look for someone in his class. He refused, saying the last time he carried Vanessa to school on his Bike he felt a strong aura of emotinal burst, that could only be interpreted as love. Rigo heard all this chat, and later confronted Camilla warning her to control her son's affection for Miss Vanessa. She reminded her of a tragic disaster some 20 years earlier when a gardener in the house fell in love with one of Don Fernando's daughter. Camilla replied that she cannot control the way her son Chante feels about Vanessa.

L.A. got to his 'new' apartment and Andreina was nowhere to be found, so, he called Jenny to know her whereabouts. Jenny told him that Andreina has gone to Cancun on Vacation with Leopoldo. L.A. was seething with anger and Jealousy, he felt betrayed by Andreina's action. He called marissa on phone and like a snake charmer thaty he is, ( every con man is a snake), succeeded in convincing Marissa to give her audience to hear out his own version of the ugly incident that happened between him and Carlos.

He came desperately equipped with his best sublime arsenal in his amoury of tricks. He lied on how he went to Carlos, begging him to plead his case with his mother to forgive him for his mistake of infidelity. He said Carlos began to punch and beat him, and that he only pulled out the gun in self defence to scare Carlos away and rescue himself from much beatings. He pleaded with Marissa to forgive his one mistake and think back on their blissful marital life of the past 18+ years, calling her "my angel, and the most incredible woman he ever loved". he even lied that he had thrown Andreina out on the streets and he is living alone in the apartment now.

The 'Iron lady' melted under the cunning fireworks of a desperately broke and stranded Luis Alejandro. He drew her to himself and before you could say Jack Robinson..., he closed his mouth on her trembling and confused lips. The moaning from Marissa needs no more confirmation that she lacks the heart to prosecute a righteous warfare against this crook, whom she called her lover and husband. He conquered her! That marks the turning point in the Seven days mentioned by Clarita yesterday. Marissa allowed herself to be charmed back into the poisonous cage of her con-lover. this time she is in for a rude distruption of her peace and destiny. L.A. with all subtlety would take his pound of flesh from Marissa and Carlos.

Carlos and Jenny entered the compound and were shocked to find the two lovers esconded in each other's arms in deep kissing session. Carlos Eduardo was speechless and devastated. What would happen at the next episode? your guess is as good as mine, wait for it!

A little side drama occured earlier in Carlos' office. Vanessa sat on his chair awaiting his arrival from the court. Jenny also came to see Carlos in her continual scheme to win him back into her bed. She asked Vanessa if she knew her. Vanny confirmed her as Carolina's sister and former Miss Universe. Jenny told her that she was more than that, she is the authentic girlfriend of Carlos, saying that the fact that she had a little misunderstanding with her man is not excuse for strangers to invade her love territory. She threw Vanessa out of the seat and chased her out of the office calling bher "little girl".

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