Friday, November 03, 2006

Episode 49: Just Sex?

Tonites's episode was hillarious. The con man was conned! The assault from the amoury of tricks by L.A. did not conquer Marissa afterall, at least not yet. Having succeeded in charming Marissa irresistibly unto her bed and with a bout exhilarating sex session. He plunged into the main motive that brought him: that is, the restoration of his credit cards and office accomodation from which he had been evicted by Marissa.

She rose up from the bed as if the romantic spell cast on her by L.A was broken or worn off. She said: "... I don't want to talk about it". When he asked her why not, she got more angry and told him to get dressed and leave her bed. When he told her that he was thinking of spending the night with her, she objected, asking him to leave now. When he wondered aloud saying: "... Marissa, I don't understand you" She declared to him with firmness and cold voice that: "... What happened just now between us is just Sex! No commitments, In fact, I haven't forgiven you, I want to go to bed early so I can get to work early tomorrow, you can't sleep here and you can't even take your bath, please, leave my house now!"

L.A. was shocked beyond comprehension, he was thrown out again in the night by Marissa. Wow! this is the worst humiliation you could take any man through. Taking account of the facts that a few minutes earlier, when they were both in "cloud 9", he was telling her how wonderful it was to make love to her again, he even said it was as passionate as the first time. She too was acknowledging his prowess and confessing to him that shredding his dresses and cancelling his credit cards were the products of her jealous rage, and that she couldn't live without him.

Jennifer de la 'Cunning' pushed her luck very far, being a consumate opportunist, she capitalised on the emotional devastation of Carlos and suggested to him to let them change the venue of their dinner to her house since Marissa's reconciliation with Luis Alejandro has made the atmosphere unconducive to relaxation. He consented and followed he to her house. On getting there, she ordered a special dinner from the nearby Chinese restaurant. She supplied him with much alcohol, hoping that Carlos would loosen up his suspicious and judgemental attitudes towards her.

Carlos was so upset about the emotional reconcilliation of Marissa with L.A. He said in frustration: "... why doesn't she (Marissa) use that intelligence that God gave her to know that, that gold-digger (meaning L.A.), would never change and he has only come back for her fortune and he would do it (infidelity) again and again." Jenny conforted him and made him realise that his mother cannot live without L.A. and that: "... A woman in love would always forgive." Much later after winning and dinning, she raised with subtlety, the issue of their broken love relationship, asking him if he had truly forgiven her because she, on her part had forgiven his deception for double-dating L.F and her.

Carlos did not mince words when he made her realise he is still grieveing over the loss of L.F's love as a result of Jenny's purposeful tricks. He told her that L.F. has a new guy who has fallen in love with her and reminded her that the Psychiatrist that she met and introduced herself to, as his (Carlos') girlfriend, is the new guy. She took a mental note of that vital information for future assault and replied by saying: "... it hurts me when you say I made her to hate you and, how in such a short time, you manage to love her more than me. Well, if she doesn't forgive you, then, she doesn't love you as much as I do, because I've forgiven you." Before that discussion entered into amorous gear, Carlos excused himself, despite her suggestion to him to stay the night, he gave her a honorable gentleman's peck on her cheek and left. All her cunningness fell flat to the floor, she was crest-fallen.

Alfredo pursued his love ambition for L.F. with nauseating desperation, he wondered aloud what a bundle of contradition that L.F's feelings for Carlos represents. She defended her feelings for Carlos by confessing her confusion about, not knowing what would happen to Carlos and her in the future. She admitted the constant battle between the love she felt for him and the pain of being cheated on by him.

Weeping Vanessa arrived and interrupted their gists with the news of how Jenny disgraced and chased her out of Carlos Eduardo's office, telling them how Jennifer said she has come to claim her boyfriend from every intruder. Alfredo mocked just as he was leaving, and told Vanessa not to be upset, because she is neither going to be the first one to be disappointed by that man (meaning Carlos). What a nauseating innuendo.

I have a problem with all the psychiatrist introduced in some of these telenovelas, they have a tendency of going beyond their ethical terms of service into emotional involvement with their supposed patients. From Episode 111 of "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine), it was Dr. Antonia, a female Psychiatrist, who crossed the borderline of ethical practices to get intertwined in a disasterous love mesh with Diego Sanchez Serrano. Here again, from Episode 41 of "The Gardener's Daughter" (La Hija del Jardinero), is another tragic repetition where a male Psychaitrist, Dr. Alfredo, who is bubbling with unquenchable love ambition that is injurious to our 'princess' Luisa Fernanda and Carlos.

L.F. told Vanessa to forget about Carlos Eduardo. She however confessed to her, how she escaped being raped at her new place of work by her new boss. Vanessa pleaded with her again to take the job of a 'paid companion' to her step grand father. L.F. noded her agreement and embraced Vanny.

Luis Alejandro Montero was really screwed up. He went straight with 'cap in hands' to Don Fernando Alcantara's house to plead with the old man to employ him as Legal Adviser for his Steel company, and also give him advance salary because he was penniless. He told the old man how his wife sought divorce and threw him out of his office and the house as part of the asset he had to forfeit to her as compensatory terms of the divorce proceedings.

Don had pity on him and granted his request, instructed Heriberto to see to it immediately that L.A. be given the power of attorney to act as his legal adviser. Rigo was so happy for the misfortune of L.A. She must have been secretly happy that the man who put Amelia into so much trauma over 18 years ago, is now reaping the harvest of his evil work.

Carlos woke up in the morning and challenged his mom saying: "... mother, I saw you kissing L.A. yesterday in the garden... you are so weak, you forgave that miserable bastard who cheated on you... did you get back together with him?" Marissa said she had not forgiven him and she is not going to get back with L.A.

When L.F. came to visit Pedro next day at the mental hospital, Alfredo delayed her and told her he wanted to tell her some things about himself. He first asked her if Vanessa was also a girlfriend of Carlos. She told him that she was tired of gossiping about Carlos with him, and that it was a long story, and was not in mood for telling tales now.

He eventually told her that he was resigning from treating Pedro's illness because he is emotionally compromised, like Carlos Eduardo accused him of. He told her that he was doing this because he had fallen in love with her. L.F was surprised and was speechless. Now I think she should begin to respect Carlos' judgement and warnings about this opportunist. Let's see how, in the next episode she would react to this news. Would she persist in ignorance, in her relationship with this guy? Would she say yes, to him or ask him to give her time to think over his love proposal?

Andreina and Leopoldo are enjoying their Cancun vacation, though with the thick cloud of L.A's memories hanging and hovering over them and threatening to spoil their romantic vacation. I have grown to respect Leopoldo, knowing that he is an independent and florishingly enterprising owner of a masion by the seaside. That is far better than his best friend, L.A, who has nothing to his name but being a miserable Gigolo of 18 years to a rich woman older than him.

Another side drama in Cancun is unfolding among the University Drama group which came on excursion there. Carolina has really inherited the bitchy vices of her sister and mentor, Jennifer de la Vega. She desperately held on to Amando, her boyfriend, in a vice-like grip. She sought to cage and imprison love, by preventing Amando from even looking or talking to Lucero, the 'fat' lady who is her colleague. I suspect she would soon lose her boyfriend to this lady because she is already pissing off this guy with her over-bearing manners.

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