Friday, November 10, 2006

Episode 54: Betrayed!

Are you a lover? My answer is absolute YES!!! I am a passionate lover. Let us put aside other sentiments, Vanessa Sotomayor touched me tonite as a lover. Her love for Carlos Eduardo may be inordinate, it may have been wrongly inspired by Augusto's lie and Heriberto's gold-digging delusion. But Vanessa scored the best cupid marks tonite when she confronted Luisa Fernanda and accused her of treachery. It was friendship calamity to have hidden your romance from your best friend, particularly when your friend nurses a delusion about the same man.

It is a forgiveable sin, but it is not acceptable. I was hurt for this Vanessa girl, I empathize with her. Carlos had gone through his own crisis when Augusto, his best friend, discovered his secret romance with L.F, the girl he (Augusto) adored with passion. Now it is the turn of L.F to carry her own cross too, after Vanessa discovered her secret romance with Carlos Eduardo, the man she (Vanessa) has grown infatuated with.

Carlos came to the rescue of L.F, but that was like rubbing salt upon injury for Vanessa. Rigoberto called and led Carlos up to Don's bedroom. Despite L.F's pleadings for mercy and forgiveness, Vanessa continued pumelling L.F. with acidic words, regretting bringing an 'enemy' to her house to work, and calling her a back-stabber. She said: "... until yesterday, you were the dearest friend I ever had since my mother died, but now, today, you've caused the worst deception I suffered my whole life..., I would never forgive you for this!" She stormed out of the house and spurned her. Luisa Fernanda broke down and began to weep.

Consuela arrived only to meet a tearful 'Luicito'. When he asked her the reason for her tears, L.F quickly cleaned her eyes and told her she was only overwhelmed by her family's problems. Alfredo called on phone to tell L.F that there was an emergency concerning Pedro at the mental hospital that required urgent attention. She took excuse and hurriedly left the house, telling Consuela what was just relayed to her.

Don Fernando wondered how a doctor that just graduated looked so sad. Carlos told him the complicated problem he had with Luisa and Vanessa. The old man promised to help him by talking to his girlfriend, if he introduced her to him. Carlos replied: "... she is here, Mr. Fernando, she is the girl you hired to take care of you." Don was pleasantly surprised about this news and recalled she was the girl he donated blood to at the hospital.

By the time Carlos came downstairs and asked for L.F. Consuela told him the news from the mental hospital relayed to L.F. He too took off in a jiffy, saying Pedro was his special patient and needed to know what has gone wrong with him.

Old Rigoberto came out to the living room and called Consuela. She panicked and jumped up on seeing Rigo. This drama amused Rigo and she told Consuela that: "... a person with a clear conscience would not have jumped the way you did" that was a pregnant statement by Rigo that she does not still trust the claim of Consuela, on Amelia's death and Luicito's true identity.

Don Fernando was well-dressed and 'tunshed up' for an encounter with Luicito, only to be told by Consu that Luicito had gone home because of a problem with her sick father. As soon as Heriberto arrived, Consuela told him that he wanted to discuss a crucial matter "in private" with him and they went to their room for their noxious meeting. She was insinuating that she doesn't want 'nosy' Rigoberto to eavesdrop.

Consuela told her husband of the latest complexity that emerged in their evil scheme to hijack Don Fernando's fortune. She told how she got to know that Dr. Carlos Eduardo was Pedro Physician. This was alarming to them, because according to Consuela, "... AT ANY MOMENT from now, Carlos Eduardo could tell my father that Pedro is Luisa Fernanda's father..., we must move fast, I Must Get Rid of Luisa Fernanda." Heriberto agreed with her, aying how can a 'bastard child' come into an inheritance she did not even know of. Rigoberto, as usual, eavesdropped and heard them mention the true identity of LUISA FERNANDA... and all they said behind closed doors.

The stage is now set for high-wire intrigues. Many desperate moves by the schemers in this telenovela to exterminate their imaginary opponents may be the order of the day from next week.

Consuela met with L.A. at the empty office. She told him to also get two plebeian graves dressed and ready to show to worrisome Rigoberto as Amelia and Luisa Fernanda graves, within 24 hours. As she was moving closer in the empty office, to L.A. Marissa appeared. Consuela took her leave. Marisa said she came to announce to him that Carlos Eduardo has withdrawn the case of homicide against him. L.A. begged her not to leave and pleaded, saying that he would be willing to do anything for her to forgive him and let him go on being her husband. He began to say sweet nothings to her about the last love-making they had together recently.

She told him that it was just sex, but he insisted that it was more than sex..., before she knew what hit her, she had melted again under the emotional charisma of L.A. in a deep kissing that could have led to anything on the floor of the office but for the interruption of Andreina who came in unaware and aw them passionately entangled in each other's arm. They quickly broke up, and Marissa regained her posture and decorum. She told L.A. to pack the remnants of his things from the office as her son would be taking over the place a his new office.

Andreina challenged him after Marisa left, saying: "... why are you doing this to me, you lied to me again." L.A denied it saying it was Marissa that came begging him in his office, wanting to reconcile with him and started kissing him. This emotional hiker would destroy the soul of many a foolish women in this telenovela.

Pedro's escape caused a big stir at the mental hospital. Lupe, from a taxi saw him wandering about the streets. He asked Lupe to lend him some money, that he wanted to go to Pancho's house to change dress from the hospital outfit. Lupe offered to take him to his house. I have said it many times, Pedro is not mad, he was only obsessed with a fear of Luisa Fernanda's true identity being revealed to her. His mission that drove him out of the mental home was to go and take Luisa Fernanda from "that house!" meaning, Don Alcantara's house. He met Carlos hanging around his doorstep for L.F. and roughened him up, telling him to go away from his daughter.

By the time L.F came in company of her aunt, Joaquina, Carlos told them that Pedro is inside locked up in his room. When L.F. knocked and he came out. L.F told him that hois tretment i not yet complete and need to go back. He replied with anger and audacity: "... I don't belong there, I can never go back to that hospital; just as you would never go back to that house!" meaning Alcantara's house.

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