Saturday, November 11, 2006

Episode 55: Your Seed Would Find You Out

We have not known half the story of Luis Alejandro's life. That was because of the careless, reckless and unaccountable life he lived in the forgotten past. Now this fella is suffering from emotional amnesia. From youth, he had been one cold-hearted opportunist, shuffling women like pawns on a chessboard game, in and out of his bed. He has lost count of the many deft sexual pawn moves he made before he 'checked' Marissa Gomez. Marisa helped us to properly introduce Armando Perez tonite. Armando was not just a boyfriend of Carol, that dropped from the sky, Marissa pointed us to a probably deep and shady recess, in the past history of Luis Alejandro Montero. Armando is the unknown product of the wild oats sown by L.A in the past with another woman. Who was that woman? That is The Million-Dollar mystery, that next week's episodes may likely unravel for us.

Armando hates his father because he has never known him. Neither did L.A. knew the existence of another child apart from L.F. whom he has not been able to identified. The amorous streak in L.A. runs through the blood veins of his son, Armando. That is why it is very much fun and convinient for him to double-date Carol and Lucero. A double-faced son of Tripple-faced Gigolo.

Rigoberto was traumatized by the discovery, from her eavesdropping on Consuela, that L.F. is the much sought-for granddaughter of Don Fernando, and the true heiress to the Alcantara fortune. She wanted to, but could not go and reveal the truth to Don, because she thought she had heard Consuela threatening to get rid of the girl if her true identity were revealed by anyone to Don. She said she must protect the child, Amelia's daughter, by keeping her mouth shut, for ever.

Consuela assured Heriberto, that she would not allow any girl or person to stand between her and Don's fortune, after all the troubles and manipulations she had gone through to change Don Fernando's Will. When Heriberto warned her not to go to the extreme extent of murder, to realise her goal, she patted him reassuringly, and with a chilling smile said: "... I am capable of that, and much more..."

Leopoldo came to L.A's office and was surprised to see Andreina there. He challenged L.A. and accused him of being a traitor. He said that L.A. was the inspiration behind the re-opening of the case of blackmail and money laundry, against him by the deputy Comptroller at the legislature. When L.A. attempted to deny it, Leopoldo showed him proofs of how (his own attorney and friend) has agreed to testify against him at a press conference. He accused him of jealousy and that he was doing that because of his(Leopoldo's) relationship with Andreina. Andreina suspected that L.A was sponsoring personal vendetta against Leopoldo.

Alfredo was called by Joaquina to confirm to him that Pedro had been found at home. He rushed to Pedro's house to join L.F. to persuade him to return back to complete his treatment at the hospital. Carlos out of jealousy accused Alfredo of negligence for allowing Pedro to slipped through his hands at the hospital. Pedro left in company of Alfredo and L.F with two warnings: That Carlo must never come near his daughter again. L.F was forbidden by him from going back to Don Fernando's house from working there. Of course, he lacked the courage to tell her the real selfish reason why he doesn't want her to go back there.

Carlos was frustrated by Pedro's insults and ban on him from meeting with L.F. Joaquina comforted him, saying his former mistake of affairs with Jenny was not "goddamned" but "blessed" mistake. He went straight to the venue where Marissa and Jenny were having lunch with Carol and Amanda. When he got there, he rejected the offer of drink by Jenny and accused her of stirring trouble for the restoration of his relationship with L.F by lying to Vanessa that he is still her(Jenniffer) boyfriend.

Jenny began to shout on him, even Marissa's caution and restrain was shunned by Jenny. She said she is tired of teenage gossips, when Carlos is ready to talk to a 'real woman', he should come and talk to her at her house, and not in a restaurant. She stormed out of the restaurant. After she left, Carlos asked his mom: "... do you honestly think I would have something to do with that bitch?" Referring to Jenny's public misdemeanor. Marisa was yet to recover from the discovery of this Armando boy, who was a splitting image of L.A. when he was a young undergraduate. More so, when this boy said he had never known who his father was!

Lucero advised Vanessa to 'fire' L.F from working in her house, and throw her back on the streets. When L.F. appeared, Vanessa told her that if she had any shred of dignity left, she should not have resumed for work again in the house after betraying her. Rigoberto scolded Vanessa and told her to stop being rude. She took L.F. upstairs to Don's room. Vanessa went to her father's room and pleaded with her father to do her one favor by sacking L.F from working in the house. Consuela considered her request with a pleasant amazement.

When she was alone with Don, he asked her why she 'dumped' Carlos, and pleaded with her to make him happy again by reconciling with Carlos. He told her how she had made the 'poor boy' to suffer greatly over her. He told her that Carlos adored her. Carlos arrived at that moment and Rigo quickly took advantage of the privacy, to take him to the kitchen to prepare him a special coffee and also probe his knowledge of L.F's family. After telling him that L.F. was upstairs talking with Don.

Rigo told him to reconcile with L.F. by trying to win L.F's mom to his side. Carlos disclosed to Rigo that L.F was an orphan, that her mom died recently in a car accident and her father, Pedro Perez is now sick in a mental home because of that fact. Rigo could hardly contain her sorrow at the genuine news of Amelia's death. Carlos suspected the sudden change of countenance, asking if anything was wrong with Rigo, she covered up her emotion.

Lic Ordonez went in company of Lupe to check if L.A had moved his luggages out of the office accommodation after the eviction. On getting there, they found all his luggages neatly tied up in one corner of the office. When Lic caught site of a box labeled "CONFIDENTIAL" among the luggages, he discharged Lupe. He opened the box only to find information about Amelia and the receipt of the sum paid to Solozano, to search for Amelia Alcantara. Lic took his time to collect this information, for further investigation into the past secrets of this fella.

Detectives investigating the case of stolen 200,000 Dollars, called Consuela on phone and asked her to report at the police station for further questioning.

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