Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Episode 57: Everyone Has A Price

Tonite's episode established Consuela as a 'master' of intrigues. She boasted to a fretful Heriberto that: "... everyone has a price, Roberto, some are expensive and some are not, but everyone has a price tag" She said that she has told Detective Medina to drop the case of stolen 200,000 Dollars. She said the man was initially reluctant, but at the promise of being richly rewarded if he drops the case, the man accepted to drop the case. One more score for Consuela. A score that increased the space of her cup, now her cup, is no longer full, as she managed to squirm out of the tight corner that the 200,000 Dollars she stole from the factory's Safe had put her.

A complaining and crest-fallen Leopoldo came to Jennifer's Academy to ask her what Andreina sees in L.A. that she had to return to him. Jenny incited him not to give up his love for Andreina. He agreed and told her that, now he knows what it means to be rejected. While they were chatting, Andreina came in. When he accused her of being irrational by going back to L.A. She told him that LOVE has never been rational. That was why he (Leopoldo) continues to pursue her despite the fact that she is running after a married man.

Armando came visiting Carol and Carol told him about the revelation of Marissa which Jenny told her. Armando became suddenly interested, saying: "... if the man looks so much like me I'd like to meet him". When Carol objected and asked him why? He told her that he was just curious. Later when Jenny came in, they told Jenny to invite Marissa and her 'husband' to dinner so Armando could meet this strange man that he resembled. Jenny told them that Marissa and L.A. are no longer a couple. She told them that the man cheated on her and they are now separated. These people do not know the greater mystery that bound them together. It would be very interesting to see the reaction of Jenny to know that, Armando was her son, and that L.A. is the man that impregnated her in a one-night stand in ages past. The intrigues, twists and turns in the La hija del Jardinero telenovela are really getting more interesting.

Consuela and L.A were chatting in the study of Don. He came to meet them there and congratulated L.A for joining his company as legal adviser. He now passionately pleaded with L.A to take him to his daughter's (Amelia) house. L.A. pretended as if he did not have Amelia's phone number and never knew her house. The old man told him that even though he was suffering from amnesia, but he still remembered clearly that L.A once told him that he had her phone number and knew her house. What a pitiable suffering for the old man. Even L.A. in his cold-hearted scheming felt compassion for the old man. But he is handicapped by the wicked Consuela.

L.A came back to his luggage only to find that the confidential file containing Amelia's information was missing. The security man told him that it was only Ordonez and Lupe who came there in his absence. L.A therefore concluded that Ordonez was behind the missing file, and he swore that Ordonez would pay for prying into his affairs.

Alfredo alerted L.F telling her that Pedro, during his therapy confessed that he never kissed nor had sexual intercourse with Amelia whom he claimed was never 'my woman'. She gasped, saying, "so, he already knows that I'm not his daughter! ..." Alfredo asked her to tell him what kind of woman her mother was. She told him that her mother was a beautiful woman, but with a nasty temper and very moody, saying, her mom despised the poverty of Pedro.

Pancho and Ceasar smuggled Pedro out of the mental hospital into a bar to celebrate Caesar's Bachelor's eve. Later, Caesar phoned to tell Carlos that he should help pass information to Clarita, his fiancee, that he would not be coming home to sleep tonite because of the celebration with a few friends on his last day as a single man. He even invited Carlos to come and join in the fun, since he was his best man. Carlos agreed to come.

On getting there, a drunken Pedro became infuriated at his sight, so he broke a bottle with intention to stab Carlos. Policemen appeared and rescued the situation, arrested both of them and locked them up in custody. Alfredo and L.F got the news and got a letter from the mental hospital to bail Pedro on the condition of his mental illness. L.F blamed Carlos for fighting her father; leaving only Carlos behind in the cell, they went away with Pedro.

Joaquina once again raised the need by L.F. to forgive Carlos and move on with their love relationship. She accused L.F of making a mountain out of a molehill with that situation. She lectured her, as a nun, that there is nothing so terrible in life, that cannot be forgiven.

Lupe, the most eligible single mother in town, invited Ordonez, the most eligible and oldest bachelor in town to partner with her on Caesar's wedding ceremony. Is Lupe thinking of taking over from where her friend's (Amelia) romance with Ordonez stopped? Ordonez was happy with the invitation. He reminded her, saying: "... as parents, we can't choose their partners, give their relationship the benefit of the doubt and don't be so bitter with your son"

Lupe on being questioned by Ordonez revealed to him that Amelia came from a very wealthy family that lived in a big mansion. That she was disowned by her father when she became pregnant. So, she came to live with Pedro in a tiny room. That was the reason for her recurrent sadness. Recently she found out that her father had forgiven her and had left his entire fortune to Luisa Fernanda, his grand daughter. That was the full story of Amelia Alcantara as told by Lupe to Ordonez. She delibrately left out a vital point though, that was the fact that L.A. was Amelia's teenage boyfriend and biological father of Luisa Fernanda.

With this information, Lic vowed silently to himself and with determination to help Luisa Fernanda unravel the mystery behind this drama.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil. Could u pls go 2 episodes ahead so i can be ahead and not behind. Meanwhile, keep up the good job of keeping us gardeners in the garden!

Anonymous said...

mimi.... pls my fellow gardeners, wat kind of a woman is andreina. and as 4 LF I THINKK SHE DOES'NT KNOW WAT SHE WANTS. CAN ANY BODY CALL HER 4 ME?

Anonymous said...

I am Cherish and I was thrilled to find this site. Keep up the good work. I can't help but complain about LF, she's getting on my nerves so much trying to portray the image of a good girl and at the same time she has a heart of stone. What's with her? Can't she see that Carlos Eduardo can have any woman he wants and yet he chose to run after her, and Carlos should please show some dignity. Give the Stubborn LF a breathing space, maybe if she realizes that he no longers runs after her, she might reconsider what she's about to lose. And as for Alfredo Anzola, does anybody have a gun?

Florence said...

Hi Phill oj, u re doing a great job. Expecting the response to my request. i cant wait to see marrisa face as the true identity of Jenny is revealed to her face.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Every seed has a potential and inevitable harvest, if nurtured well. Leave L.F. alone, let her nurture the seed of arrogance and self righteousness. That was why she later in this telenovela reaped isolation, when Consuela and Vanessa accused her of theft and was jalied for two years without anyone to save or defend her.