Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Episode 56: Don't Make A Mistake

Don Fernando counseled L.F to forgive Carlos, but she told him that "...In love, we don't lie" The old man made her to know that Carlos regretted that simple "lie" and has wept profusely for this 'mistaken lie'. He lectured her on why she should not live the rest of her live with distrust, saying "... when we love someone, we should forgive them..." The sage warned her that the truest demonstration of love is forgiveness, and that she should find a place in her heart for him, saying that: "... I know you bo0th love each other, if you allow this season to pass, neither of you would find this kind of love in life again"

By the time she came downstairs, she saw Carlos talking with Vanessa, asking Vannessa to forgive and reconcile with L.F.Vanessa angrily stormed out upon seeing L.F came downstairs. Carlos pleaded once again with a recalcitrant, but now softened L.F. Her grouse now was her assumed, continuous relationship of Carlos with Jennifer, as proven by Jenny's attendance of the graduation party at his house. He explained to her that Jenny was invited by his mom, and not by him. He also said Jenny purposely told Vanny that she is going out with him, in order to spite L.F. knowing that Vanny would definitely tell her.

Back in the mental hospital, Pedro, under interrogation admitted to Alfredo that Amelia never loved him, much less ever kissed him. Alfredo then questioned him, how she conceived and bore L.F. for him, if they never kissed, was there any conjugal relationship? Pedro was cowardly afraid to answer that question, he just stood up and parried the question.

Lic Ordonez continued with his investigations into the Amelia mystery. He met with Detective Solozano who yielded and divulged information about Amelia on the promise of financial remuneration by Lic. He told him, Don wanted to reconcile with her daughter Amelia and hired L.A. who in turn hired him to search out Amelia. When Lic asked him if he found Amelia, he smiled and told Lic: "... that's where the problem also became very very fishy, her sister also paid me not to find her!"

Consuela in company of Heriberto went to the station for the interrogation by Detective Medina. She was assured by Medina that they have investigated her bank accounts and it was in order. He however said that all evidences still pointed to her as the prime suspect. When she protested how could this be. Medina told her that they also found out from their investigations that she has been meeting with Detective Solozano, and that Solozano has been making purchases far above his means lately. At that point, she requested that Heriberto go out of the interrogation room, so she could speak in private with Medina.

She told Medina with crocodile tears running from her eyes that, Solozano found out a secret that she has been cheating on her husband, and was blackmailing her for it. She said that was the reason for her desperate moves to cover up the deal with financial inducement of Solozano. She begged Medina to stop investigating of the 'stolen' 200,000 Dollars, saying, he would be richly rewarded if he stops the investigation because, if they should investigate it and questioned Solozano, her husband would get to know of her infidelity.

L.A. and Andreina went to the meeting with the Congressman. He told her that he purposely brought her to know the former colleagues of Leopoldo whom he had cheated and the proceeds of the illegal money he made off them, was what he used to buy up his big mansion in Cancun. When the deputy arrived, he fell in love at-first-sight with delectable Andriena. After Andreina left, he told L.A. that he had good taste for a girlfriend. L.A. denied it, saying the lady was his new secretary. The man pleaded with him to arrange a date for him to toast 'delicious' Andreina. L.A. assured him not to worry.

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