Monday, November 06, 2006

Snippets 63

Because L.F was upset by the obsession of Pedro for slapping her for her reconciliation with Carlos, Pedro quickly asked her to forgive him, for he has never lifted up his finger to beat her in the 20 or so years that he had been nurturing this his 'princess'. He wept and asked for forgiveness. L.F wept too, forgave and embraced him. Alfredo called her aside and told her that Pedro's case is serious one because he is suffering from Bipolarity and schizophrenia. He asked her if she knew the parental background of Pedro, which she said she did not know. Pedro lied that he did not know who his parents were.

Jennifer was suspicious and demanded to know from L.A. why he visited Marissa's house with Consuelo when nobody was there. Carol and Armando once again got into a fight over his secret romance with Lucero. She was so furious that she shouted on him. he too became so angry that he walked out on her. She was shocked and devastated that Armando could walk out on her. Armando later warned her to change her attitude to Lucero or she forgets about their relationship. Carol apologized and promised to change her attitudes towards Lucero.

C.E. learnt of the shameful behaviour of Jenny at L.F's house and he went to warn her that her plans to separate him from L.F would fail, just like the first case of false pregnancy. Jenny later went tro meet Alfredo, telling him to win back L.F's love and help her separate L.F from Carlos. Andreina came to quarrel with L.A for going behind her back to attend a wedding ceremony in Marissa's house. L.A again lied to her and they reconciled. Foolish Andreina!

Marissa told Ordo'ñez to follow up his introduction to Consuela at the wedding reception by going to meet Don Fernando at home and work out with him the details of the loan that his Steel Company needed from her Bank. When Ordo'ñez got there, he was surprised to meet L.F there. He discussed the loan request with Don. He thought to himself that neither Don nor Consuela nor L.F knew the true identity of one another.

C.E. spoke with Specialist Dr. Arreola concerning the drug he prescribed to Don. Dr.Serrano was able to get a letter of introduction to Carlos permitting him to visit Pedro at the mental hospital. But Alfredo refuses for him to visit Pedro.

Since Don Fernando is so concerned about Pedro, L.F. told Don about the mental disease of Pedro. Don requested her to take him to the mental hospital to visit Pedro. He said he is interested in knowing who her relations were. Consuela became threatened by this new desire of Don to meet Pedro. She immediately terminated the rapport between Don and L.F.

The cat and mouse game between Marissa and Andreína continues over L.A. The newest couple in town returned from honeymoon after exhausting their money at the hotel where they were camped.

Alfredo, in the course of his private investigation into Pedro's background, stumbled of the fact that Don Fernando is the grand father of L.F.

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