Sunday, November 05, 2006

Snippets 62

Jennifer de la Cunning went to Marissa with tears, telling her the fact of reconciliation between C.E and L.F. Later, she pleaded with Marissa to help her in regaining the love of Carlos. She left Marissa and went to L.F's house to confront and threaten her to leave her boyfriend alone. L.F challenged her, saying that Carlos is her boyfriend and she would fight for her love. She chased Jenny away with hot words.

The next day at the honey,moon hotel after breakfast, Clarita and Carlos were amazed at the high cost of the meals and immediately made arrangements to be eating outside at cheaper restaurants. She was so nervous and shy, and he did not want to discuss her love-making experience of her wedding night.

L.A was so worried about the striking resemblance of Armando that he hired Detective Medina to help him dig into the background of this young boy from Vera Cruz, wanting to know who his parents are. Meanwhile, Carol, after the party, told Armando to phone his 'mother' in Vera Cruz and demand for the name of his father, per chance, if there is any coincidence in name with Luis Alejandro, then, he must be the father. Armando declined, saying he would do that, but not in hurry as Carol wanted him to.

C.E told his mom next day that he has finally reconciled with L.F. Marisa was not so enthusiastic with the news because she would have preferred her 'friend', Jennifer instead.

Consuela was not happy when told by Rigo that L.F would not come early to work because of hang-over of the party of yesternite. She was irritated and began to plan to sack L.F. When C.E came to see Don, he too discovered that L.F has not arrived yet for work. He informed Vanessa that he has reconciled with L.F. but Vanessa was very sad at the news.

Consuela mocked L.A on having two illegal children outside wedlock and did not even know any of them. She told him that she strongly suspect Armando to be his son by another woman. He ignored her mockery, but told her he is more interested in searching for Amelia's daughter.

Alfredo was so sad about the reconciliation of Carlos that even Lupe noticed his depression and questioned him. He lied and covered up his disappointment. Later when he saw L.F he tried to poison her mind against Carlos, warning her that Carlos would jilt her again and again, because Carlos, to him, is like a leopard who would never change his spot.

Don Fernando suddenly developed interest in whoever the 'father' of L.F. is, and asked to be taken to meet the man in the mental hospital where he is receiving treatment. Carlos Eduardo assured him that he would help him book an appointment with L.F's father at the mental hospital. He did not forget to congratulate Carlos Eduardo on his reconciliation with his girlfriend, Luicito.

Pedro was very sad when L.F told him that she had gotten back together with Carlos Eduardo, he slapped her for betraying him by going to reconcile with that ***tard! as he normally called Carlos.

When Carol met Andreina, she told him that her man-friend, L.A was in Marisa's house yesternite for the wedding ceremony that took place there. Andreina was so infuriated and jealous to know that L.A is secretly going behind her back to reconcile with Marissa.

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