Saturday, December 23, 2006

Esmeralda 18: Speak The Truth

José Armando's decision to stay back in the village was an emotional coup de tat, designed to overthrow Fátima and Graciela in their bid to trap him into a wedlock that would lock up his matrimonial future in the manipulative hands of Fátima.

She was obviously sad by this dramatic twist, but her daughter, Graciela was happy because it would give her more days to get to know and be closer to her heartthrob, Adrián. Esmeralda came to visit Adrián in the hospital and she pretended that she did not know the love affair going on between Graciela and Adrián becuase Adrián had warned Florecita not to tell anybody about his secret love.

At the hospital next day, Graciela apologized profusely to Emeralda for insulting her at the carnival the other day. There is reason for this because Graciela was no longer interested in José Armando. She no longer sees Esmeralda as a threat or rival to fight, for the love of José Armando. She used the opportunity to break the 'good news' that she was no longer going to Mexico city because José Armando too has decided to stay back.

Crisanta, burdened with guilt of Esmeralda's paternity, went to the church to confess to Rev. Father Gabriel. He counseled her to speak the truth and open up to Blanca and Rodolfo about their biological daughter Esmeralda.

Rodolfo's reaction to the emotional coup is to mandate Dionisio to monitor José Armando, and report back if he was seeing Esmeralda. Dionisio secretly disobeyed this order. The real victim of this coup was Esmeralda. Fatima and Rodolfo blamed her for being the inspiration behind the matrimonial set back and emotional rebellion of José Armando. He reassured Fatima that he would throw Esmeralda out of the estate anytime she comes there.

José Armando reassured Esmeralda that though Graciela was his city girlfriend, what he felt for her was not sensual love but a brotherly love as if Graciela was his little sister.

Dominga came to Casa Grande to pressurize a fearful and reluctant Crisanta to disclose to Blanca that Esmeralda was her biological daughter and did not die as she had thought for over 23 years now.

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