Sunday, December 24, 2006

Esmeralda 19: Confrontations and Contradictions!

Crisanta launched the first phase of her redemption battle by confronting her master, Rodolfo, asking him to repent of his harsh and rude behaviour of throwing Esmeralda out of Casa Grande during the carnival. Everybody were shocked by the sympathy and solidarity of Crinsanta for a blind village girl, who was a 'stranger' to the family.

Fátima confronted her daughter with the truth of her financial doom, if she(Graciela), refuse to mary a rich boy like José Armando. Grciela went to confront José Armando, demanding of him to remaim faithful to his promise and commitment to marry her.

Adrián confronted Esmeralda and asked her to confirm the truth circulating in the village that José Armando and her have falling in love with each other. She confirmed it saying, YES to her romantic dreams!

Melesio confronted Esmeralda with the fact that Dr. Lucio was a horrible monster, waiting for a right time to srtike at her vulnerabilty. He warned her to henceforth be wary of Lucio.

Blanca confronted José Armando, pleading with him to stop seeing Esmeralda again because the blind girl has caused so much pain and emotional injury to the Rodolfo Penarreal family.

Lucio confronted and threatened Esmeralda to stop seeing José Armando, and if she refuses, he would stop his efforts to operate on her eyes to make her see. [don't forget that this same Lucio had tyold her before that she would never see again].

José Armando launched into investigations and found out the tragic story of how Lucio sustained burnt in the inferno that made his face an ugly site to look at. Much as José Armando sympathize withlucio, he however vowed that he would fight for the love ofesmeralda because he now knows that Lucio is his bitterest rival.

José Armando confronted Esmeralda and challenged her to have faith, because he would take her to visit a specialist optician in Mexico city to consider surgery that would open her eyes. He also assured her that gradually, his parents would accept her with time and even care for her as if she was their daughter.

Fermín took note of the promise of José Armando to cure Esmeralda's blindness.

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