Sunday, December 24, 2006

Esmeralda 20: Fátima Fights Fate!

To every schemer in world history, they are always drunk of their initial successes and confident at a point in their schema, of swindling destiny, just like they have been with many of their gullible victims.

Fátima is one unfortunate fellow who believed that every member of the Penarreal family are in the palms of her hands.

José Armando returned home to bid his household goodbye for a short trip with Esmeralda to the city. Fátima too rushed to pack her luggages with the intention of accompanying him on the trip. He told her to apply her breaks as he does not need her company.

Fátima was filled with rage and she called her daughter aside, and incited her to begin to plot to destroy Esmeralda before the blind usurper destroys her matrimonial joy.

José Armando had succeeded in convincing Dominga to let him take Esmeralda to the city to meet with a specialist optician for the possible surgery to solve her blindness. Dominga agreed, and off they went together to Mexico city.

Fátima and Rodolfo were compelled by this dramatic twist, to set a compulsory date of wedding for Armando and Graciela without consulting with them.

Lady Blanca was so distressed by the prevailing circumstances that she missed an opportunity to know the truth, when she harshly interrupted Crisanta's attempt to confess to her that Esmeralda was her biological daughter.

Graciela could no longer keep her secret love affair with Adrian to herself. She had to confide in Crisanta that she had fallen in love with the foreman's son, Adrian.

Despite the non-approval by Blanca, José Armando bought a beautiful dress and a pair of shoes for Esmeralda. He took her to dinner in a classy restaurant in the city. While at dinner he told Esmeralda that he was going to break his engagement with Graciela as soon as he returned back to Casa Grande.

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