Friday, December 29, 2006

Esmeralda 21: Stirring the Wrath of Jealousy

Dr. Lucio Malaver has never hid his hatred for José Armando who represents a threat to his monopoly of knowledge over Esmeralda. José Armando had stirred up his jealousy with the rod of compassion and mercy by taking Esmeralda to the city for a specialist diagnosis of her blindness.

He showed his displeasure with Dominga for permitting Esmeralda to go on that medical trip with José Armando. He feared that his age-old lies to Esmeralda that she would never see with her eyes would be exposed and that, this rich boy is capable of paying for the surgery which might restore Esmeralda's eyes and would also automatically reveal his badly burnt and ugly face to Esmeralda. He was tormented by envious thoughts that José Armando may gain romantic advantage and even made love to Esmeralda during the trip.

Specialist Dr. Jorge Luis Lazcano examined, diagnosed and confirmed that it is possible to restore Esmeralda's sight by surgery. Later in the evening, José Armando took Esmeralda out to dinner to celebrate the good news. He told her how beautiful the the firmament , with the stars and moon was, she was fascinated and said she couldn't wait for her eyes to open so she could behold the fairy beauty of the galaxy with her own eyes.

Dominga and Melesio waited with anxiety for the arrival of, and good tidings from Esmeralda and José Armando. When they returned, Dominga warned José Armando that jealous Lucio may cause grave injury or harm toesmeralda for following him (José Armando), on the trip to Mexico city.

José Armando went to Lucio's house to question his anger at the possible restoration of Esmeralda's sight. Lucio insulted and warned him to stay clear of his girl.

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