Saturday, December 30, 2006

Esmeralda 22: Rebellion

Crisanta supported and encouraged Graciela in her love adventures (which she had confided earlier in Crisanta), with Adrián. She told her not to give up or be disuaded by her scheming mother from pursuing her hapiness with Adrián to a logical conclusion of marriage. She told Adrián to fight to defend his love for Graciela. Crisanta seemed to me in alliance with Dominga in plotting a family and matrimonial 'coup' against Rodolfo and Fátima's counter moves.

José Armando demanded of Lucio to change his hostile and jealous attitude towards him because of Esmeralda.

Dominga was stirred up by the kindness of José Armando, particularly when Esmeralda shared the good tidings that the specialist doctor confirmed that she would see again after the surgery.

Graciela came to the conclusive truth that, what José Armando felt for her was not love, but brotherly affection. She compared the few weeks of explosive passions with Adrián and the years of friendship with José Armando. She knew that the true love was from Adrián.

When Fermín, heard the story of the simultaneous and peculiar births of José Armando and Esmeralda, he drew independent conclusions that Dominga's secret must have been in the suspected barter on that day, so he went and confronted her with that suspected secret. Dominga did not deny it.

Esmeralda's attempt to unravel that secret through Fermín was delayed, as he told her that it was still premature to reveal.

Blanca's attempt to force José Armando to abandon Esmeralda, and face his future with Graciela failed woefully, as he told Graciela to give him more time, to review his marriage proposal to her.

This latest delay only served to infuriate Fátima the more, as she began to despise and curse Esmeralda for being the reason for this matrimonial stalemate between Graciela and José Armando.

Crisanta could not bear the curses and frustration being poured on Esmeralda, she stood up to Fátima, and looked her straight in the eye, warning her not to insult that good girl(Esmeralda). Blanca was stunned by the strange and bold defense of Esmeralda against Fátima.

Adrián and Graciela secretly met in the mechanic garage and fell into each other's arms, they were almost about to make love in the dark recess of the garage when Fátima stormed the place, after being tipped off by one of the servants.

Fátima slapped Adrián and accused him of seducing her daughter. Graciela told her that she loved Adrián. Fátima dragged a terrified Graciela back to the main house.

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