Thursday, January 04, 2007

Esmeralda 37: Family Recognition

Fátima told Graciela of her suspicion that Esmeralda was pregnant. She was determined to exploit this pregnancy case to cause a fresh disharmony among the Peñarreal family, whose 23-year old wound of deception and separation needed desperate healing.

Blanca wanted José Armando to remain in Casa Grande, and tried to convince him to abandon his plan to move to Mexico. Rodolfo too wanted him to stay back, and also assured him that he would now reconcile with, and recognize his marriage to Esmeralda, his estranged daughter. He told him that he wanted things to continue as before, because the blow of this change is too much for him to bear.

After a few days of tension and uneasy calm in Casa Grande, Crisanta prompted Blanca to organize a special wedding dinner to celebrate the matrimony of Esmeralda and José Armando. She was happy because, Esmeralda, for the first time, had begun to call her mom.

Fermín advised Esmeralda to interview Juana, the housemaid of Lucio, to clear her doubts and sorrow, to know if Lucio had sex with her on that tragic night when Rodolfo took her to Lucio's house. During the family dinner to mark the wedding of the Esmeralda, Rodolfo asked Crisanta to bring out the special wine, so that he may propose a toast to the marriage of his 'two' children, the new happy couple: Esmeralda and José Armando. It was an emotion-laden night, Armando was touched by the warmness and acknowledgment of Rodolfo, he embraced him.

Graciela was consumed by romantic thought for Adrián.

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