Thursday, January 04, 2007

Esmeralda 38: Controversial Pregnancy

In the midst of merriment, All (except Fátima), were happy because of the acceptance of Esmeralda by Rodolfo. Esmeralda developed nausea again during the party, and Fátima took advantage of it to break the news of her suspicion to Rodolfo, that the young lady was already pregnant.

Crisanta queried Esmeralda if she had had conjugal relationship with José Armando, to which she said yes. At that point, José Armando decided to take her the next day to the hospital for diagnosis. Crisanta broke the news of her suspicion to both José Armando and Esmeralda that the sickness was that of pregnancy's early symptoms.

Esmeralda was alarmed about the forecast of Crisanta. José Armando was excited at the news of being a father. Crisanta requested him not to tell Esmeralda until after the pregnancy test is confirmed.

Crisanta did a home-made traditional pregnancy test for Esmeralda and the result was positive. Esmeralda, because of her inexperience about conception, was terrified by the results, because she suspected that Lucio may be responsible for it.

Fátima told Blanca of Adrián's romantic overtures towards Graciela. Lucio was furious with Melesio when that one told him that Esmeralda was no longer in his circle, but belong to another man now.

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